Circus in my town... - Nauli's Monday Moodboard

Every spring, colorful posters are telling us, Circus is in town! It means, colors, the sound of a marching band, strong man, tightrope acrobats, a director with a mustache - not just on his T-shirt and a clown making jokes on him and even an elephant! Popcorn, candy sticks and excitited kids souls...

1. Clown T-Shirt by pinipiru
2. T-shirt by Deestraperlo
3. Strong Man Illustration by baboucherouge
4. Elephant Earrings by lacravatteduchien

Isn't this an awsome collection of handmade art? All made by members of the Europeanstreetteam of Etsy! 

To find more circus related things visit our treasury:

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