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Yes! You see right! The cable artists won the Jury Prize of the Etsy Design Awards 2015 in Arts & Illustration! We're proud and happy... Thank you  Etsy ,  DMY Berlin , Ignant  and  Couch Magazin ! // Ja! Du siehst richtig! Unsere Kabelartisten haben den Jury Preis der Etsy Design Awards in Arts & Illustrations gewonnen! Wir sind stolz und glücklich... Danke an Etsy, DMY Berlin, Ignant und Couch Magazin! By joining the competition, we've learned more, than we could have thought of before. Feeling the love of the worldwide community, which brought us to rank 4 in the public voting was truly amazing. We've had our personal outing in the little town we grew up and live again for quite a while now, when the local newspaper wrote an amazing supportive article about us. We felt our strength more than ever. Our spontaneous campaign brought us so much sympathy and long lost friends are closer again. And of course - the cable artists - they have been sent to customers

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