Cute Chickadee are watching us...

Last Friday we had a great day. Twitter gifts us with a new friend! MissusD. is a lovely Singaporean living in Munich since some weeks. We are honoured to have her first cake in Germany with her! After hanging around in our favourite Café in Schwabing, she accompanied us walking around it.
We met MissusD for the first time on Twitter, then discovered her Blog, which had a surprise for us. Kathleen, that's her real name, is doing amazing craftwork from traditional Indonesian Batik fabrics. - Something made us feel familiar from the beginning, as our Indonesian grandma "Nauli" was wearing Batik every day.
On Friday Kathleen gave us another impression of her craftwork:

This cute Chicadees are watching us at work now :)
Like their crafter, they travelled a lot in their life. Kathleen tells us at her Blog, that they are made in Japan! Now they have a fix home in the South of Munich. Waiting for their Crafter to come by some times...

This is one example of Kathleens Batik-work. We saw her real Yoyo-Brooch, when we met her. It looks even better than on this photo! For more, check out her Dawanda-Shop and her Etsy-Shop!
We are looking forward to see more of your craftwork, Kathleen  - and - to meet you again!
P.S. Your new Batik-work is beautiful!


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