Nauli at Christmas Markets

After we tried the big adventure one last year, selling on Winter- Tollwood in Munich, Nauli decided to come back to some small markets and start to sell in the www. Not a bad decision, we think. You can purchase handmade Nauli products from everywhere in the world now. And that's good! Internet selling is including a new experience. We can't see the sellers reaction when he unpack his purchase. We wait for feedback, which is sometimes not coming, but so important to us, as it shows, the package arrived.

So it was nice to be at the market again, although it's leaving our house in a big mess... because everything has to be devided into two, as we had two markets at the same days. It needs long time to get everything in order again. It made us doing our lucky draw late... doing the photos of the new custom made dolls late... And even writing this blog entry late...


  1. It must be so exciting selling at markets! and your photos look so pretty too... I wish I could come around to enjoy the atmosphere and stop by your stand :O)


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