Etsy favourites...

We had great days... since Thursday two of my treasuries made it to the frontpage on Etsy and our nauliknits Charly's hat in the other cloudy blue as well! Some of my favourites you can see here. Not all are still available, but it's worth to have a look in this awsome shops! I made this showcase to keep the inspiration....
The etsy shops in order from left to right:
1. Winter Tale Deer - Print by naokosstoop
2. Forest French Chic Market Tote by ikabags
3. Father and Son - Linocut - small art on postcard by Antoksfairytales
4. Yoyo Brooch by missusD - it's a truly awsome item to make your t-shirts something special. (Experience speaking. Thank you Kathleen!)
5. Once upon a time - Nauli CD- Case by us
6. Organic T-Shirt by maryink 
7. Glassbead necklace by LeahSawyer
8. Calm spring - long necklace by Glasfaden