Flickr Favourites - Quilts

Maybe it's because we work so much on our shops, that we don't have time and energy to craft on something else, maybe it's our desire of colours in this white and dark winter or it's the European Street Team Challenge of Renate from Kreativlink which made us think about what we really would love to do...
We found out, that we add a lot of colourful quilts to our favourites on flickr lately...

Flickr Favourites is a game. If you want to play as well, please read:
and join!


  1. So glad you joined it! Beautiful work those quilts - and what a patience! :)

  2. Beautiful mosaic! I'like to learn how to do them!

  3. Thank you for including my quilt! So glad to have found your blog.


  4. Beautiful quilts!! I have always wanted to make a quilt. Maybe this will be the year :)


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