We took the challenge!

Some weeks we are member of the Etsy European Street Team now. Discovering a quite new world, and a lot of work before Christmas, we didn't have time to take part of the activities. But this week we did! We took the weekly challenge! This week hosted by Renate from kreativlink. Her challenge is "Doing something you never did before".
We made some brainstorming and at the end, we decided to make something totally new to us "Handstiching". We did some handstiching at primary school, but that wasn't crosstich and used this special stiching fabric, so it doesn't count here!

Hmm, think the frontside looks better...

The ready stiched picture was "glueed" on cardboard.

We use vintage handwoven linen.
Also, for the backside, although that one is red checked.
And we gave it a zigzag to make it an extraordinary Nauli ZigZag Photo Book!
Whoo! Ready on time!
Thank you Renate for this inspiring Challenge!
BTW... This real one of a kind item is available here.


  1. Wonderful piece you created here! I'm so happy that the challenge inspired so many people. Thanks a lot for participating! :)


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