Countdown for Paris

Our Paris Trip is coming soon! We already collect a lot of usefull tips here. Thanks all, who already told us their Paris experience and shared their tips! You all entered our giveaway for our upcoming "Paris" -product! As we are only for five days there, we will have to sort out, which one is possible to follow, but honestly, we wanna do all! And it feels like, why can't we stay for two weeks? Well, we might run out of money...

In the meantime we discovered some great blogs about Paris as well who even make us want to go more!
For the one who wanna go, too... We want to share them and give you the links:

Blogger and Photographer Littlebrownpen is having a full blog dedicated to Paris... Great photos!!! Some of them are sold on littlebrownpen.etsy 

[photo by Kathryn Frengs at Spottet by Locals]
At Spottet by Locals we find a huge bunch of tips for almost every area in Paris. Very practical, as the categories are sorted by areas.
  [photo by Tory Hoen at Hipparis]
Hipparis is a great collaboration blog as well. Great Photos are combined with practical information. Written by some American Paris lovers and their guest blogger.
And there is Pia Jane Bijkerk's Blog, which is having a whole Paris Category as well.  She recently made a book called Paris: Made by Hand. The announcement looks promising. And we got suggestions from some sides to buy. But unfortunately shipping time seems to be too long for getting it on time. So we wait for someone else to review it! MyBlackBook is having a section called Bonjour Paris, where the owner shares great photos and some Paris tips.

Do you have more tips for us? Some really personal secrets about Paris?
Please share! Your tip is counted as an entry for our giveaway. You can win a Paris related Nauli item from paper... Let yourself be surprised!


  1. This blog with tips from locals looked fun! I'm sure you'll have great time in Paris and want to return there soon:)


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