Dancing on Ice

Nauli took some photos yesterday. Yes, our shop NauliKnits.etsy.com really has to stock up! And luckily many cold evenings this winter make it possible to stock up. See the one Nauli sister dancing on ice wearing Charlene's hat and Charlene's scarf in adorable grey ...

You will find this adorable Charlene's scarf matching to Charlene's hat at nauliknits, soon.
P.S. The coat is handknitted as well but not for sale :)


  1. Wunderhübsch! Der Film, Schal, Mütze...alles perfekt! :)

  2. Great knits and a fun little movie :)
    But, the ice looks a bit scary. I'm glad she didn't dance further out!

  3. Winter and cold look a little nicer like this !


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