Monday Moodboard - Missing Paris' blue Sky!

Missing the blue sky of Paris ...
 + Tour de Eiffel  and the blue Sky of Paris+
 + Blue Sky over Louvre +
+ Blue sky on the Seine side Notre Dame +
+ Blue sky over Paris - Monmatre +
So, now wonder,  this is Nauli's Mondaymoodboard
+ Peakcock card by PeacockInvitations; Ring by Evihan; Bowls by ShebboDesign, Scarf by reflectionsbyds; Gloves by Afra, Necklace by Vadjuka, Book by Baghy, Ring by QuercusSilver +

And this sofa, found at SharesomeCandy matchs so good in my mood as well, the Nauli sisters both think the same way: Not only the sofa, but although this pillows are of great design.


  1. Just one word : Wonderful

    pictures and lists are Gorgeous...Lovely

    Paris great everytime, snowly or sunny..

  2. Wonderful moodboard! Love your selection!


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