Last week a lot of people stranded somewhere, because a vulcano in Iceland made the airspace over Europe kind of unsafe for airplanes. Nauli somehow had to work with half power, because one of the boyfriends was stranded somewhere in Germany, and half of the Nauli Team was kind of stranded with him. Luckily in a tiny hotelroom with the option to take the train home any time. As the boyfriend was on standby duty, the airport became the place of every day walk. And I feel sorry about all the people who had to sleep on camp beds for days, with poor sanitary options. I thought about, that we even couldn't make our hotel room something personal, how about open space? Coming back home, I could feel, what's Heimat - the German word, we use for the place, the athmosphere, we feel to be home. Not because I wanna leave my hotelroom - my Heimat is where my boyfriend is! But because I feel with all the stranded peoples living from their suitcases in the public space of the airport.

Nauli's Music Box Plush Pillows can give your baby the feeling of Heimat, if you let the lullaby to become a everyday ritual. They are made from ecofriendly cotton and filled with ecofriendly wool.
The warm and calm lullaby plays, if you pull the string.
Available here: littlenauli.etsy.com and here: dawanda.com/shop/NaulisPuppen


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