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Browsing through our blogroll, we came across with the nice blog of lamarquisedesangesSabine is one of our favourite Etsy - artists. She is running a little French Boutique, named lamarquisedesanges, where she sells beautiful fashion, which she gives her very own dreamy touch. Her blog is always worth a visit. But this this time she leads us to the blog and shop of Sydney Based Graphic Designer, Justine. Sabine, thanks a lot for this!
uponafold is the name of her shop where she sells only the finest selection of paper art and her blog about amazing art from paper. A lot of the designer she sells are from Japan and Korea
(c) image by
  + Red Line Letter Set by T-Table Office, Seoul available at +

(c) image by
 + Merry-Go-Round Card by T-Table Office, Seoul available at +


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