Vespa Love or Let`s go for a picnic - Nauli`s Flickr Favourites

Would love to go for a picnic right now. Touring by Vespa until finding a great place anywhere out there. Relaxing for hours and having a great picnic. But its rainy and cold out there... So i have to be patient... 

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And my vespa has to be patient as well...


  1. I'm sooooo looking forward to picnics! A bit too cold and rainy at the moment... But possible soon, I hope!

  2. beautiful pics! I'd love to spend a day out like that - here it is too hot to go anywhere =D

  3. lol great pick nick ;D also here is raining :( buuuu i want a sunny day!!!!

  4. What a fab idea! It was the perfect day for that here! :)

  5. It's too hot for that now, but sure does look inviting!


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