Conservating Memories - Conservated Memories...

... is the topic for the this week Etsy European Streetteam Challenge hosted by Nauli! See what Etsy Sellers all over Europe do with our topic!

1st entry comes from SoleDeVita. Solvita use the golden ribbon of her wedding bouquet for this romantic pinback buttons. Could you imagine anything more precious?

Romantic Pinback Buttons by SoleDeVita on Etsy

2nd entry comes from zsazsazsu1963. Sandra made paper beads from her (grown up) children's comicbook and made a necklace from it. What a great idea!

 Conservating memories necklace by zsazsazsu1963 on Etsy

Yeah, entry no. 3 !
Etsy seller Aldona alias aldonasuneviciene from Vilnius made this felted slippers in pink with blue white flowers on it and was inspired by her memories about her France trip in 1997 for the World Youth Days with the Pope. She remembers the amazing flowers everywhere and conservated her memories in these felted slippers.


Presenting no. 4 !
Etsy seller NancyvdBoom from the netherlands painted one of her earliest memories for our challenge. Imagine a little girl,  climbing a tree, looking up in the treetop and just recognize how high the tree is... but the little girl does not give up. Thanks for sharing your earliest memories!

And... number 5!
Jana of helmitarha made a beautiful necklace of her shell finds which she brought from her last vacation from the beach. She says "they have conserved a piece of sunshine and a lot of warm memories."

Mermaid necklace with white shells by helmitarha on etsy

 Entry number 6!
Esther and Estella of Staroftheeast conserved the spring of us. They made this beautiful necklace, full of sweet memories of the wonderful smell and colors of the spring. 
Wonderful entry!

Jewelry designer Rita from alatvian sent the entry No. 7 in. Her 
vintage cufflinks are from her father who passed away a month ago. Must not be easy to give a lot of things away which all remind her on her dad.

Vintage Cufflinks Golden Black by Alatvian on Etsy

Entry nr. 8 is made by Petronella of P8Accessories based in north Germany. Her grandma was a hat maker and the fashionable ladies in town went for a stroll wearing these hats. Have a look at this lovely old fashioned cotton, Petronella combined with crocheted raffia yarn. 

Entry number 9, a photo token by Stephania of Stephmel based in Athen Greece.
Have a look at this artwork, showing unforgettable summer sunsets in a greek island of the aegean sea.
"j'ai embrasse l'aube d'ete"
Arthur Rimbaud

Read more about the challenge here.


  1. Congrats on winning,
    soooo great and this is a Beautiful
    first entrie!!!!

  2. Ahhh... that's so sweet and romantic! :)

  3. great entries!! Need to put mythinking cap on:)

  4. Love both entries! I have put my thinking cap on too.... :)

  5. Beautiful, meaningful entry from Nancy! They are all gorgeous entries so far, and it's wonderful that they each mean something personal to the ones who made them :)

  6. Congrats on winning!

    Wonderful entries so far!! :)

  7. Congratulations on winning! I love all the entries :)

  8. Beautiful entries for the challenge! I love how you asked your friend to pick a favorite - it's so hard to choose when they are all so cool! :)

  9. Congratulations on winning! I love all the entries :)

  10. Ahhh... that's so sweet and romantic! :)


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