The fascination of the Nature or Ferien auf Balkonien - Nauli´s Flickr Favourites

We are born in Bavaria, people are going to places for holidays not far away from our home. People whose passion is hiking in summertime or snowboarding in wintertime. 
We rather do that... we choose jumping in the Isar, a river 5 minutes from our home to refresh body and mind on hot summerdays. We are going to the Lake Starnberg earlier in the morning for breakfast and beeing the first one swimming there that day, before its getting crowded later. 

But acutally there are many beautiful places to be discovered not far away.

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Usually we go there when we have guests from abroad... Then we visit places which are flood by tourists. Last weekend we choosed the Partnachklamm next to Garmisch. Believe or not, it was the first time since more than 15 years to visit this beautiful place even it's about a hour by car and we could reach it by train as well. 

If you go by car, park it on the parkingspace of the Winter Olympic areal of 1936.

You have to walk about 20 minutes to reach the ravine, so it is easy done even for non sportive people. But you can use the carriage as well.

Believe us the nature is just fascinating. 

You should bring a raincoat, because its wet, even it is a hot summerday.

you should watch your head, and watch your feet, to keep safe.


  1. wow seems like such a beautiful spot on earth!!! you lucky =)

  2. i never been to Bavaria! the pictures you choose are gorgeous!! it's a place to visit!!!:)

  3. amazing such beautiful shots

  4. Bavaria is on my list of places to visit, after seeing your mosaic even more so.

  5. what a fantastic place, to walk inside the mountain! your photos are amazing!

  6. You lucky's! What a fantastic place to live! Nature right at your frontdoor! Sublime! :)

  7. What an amazing place, and you found such fantastic photos too!


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