Friday Favourites - Leaves

It's Friday again. Time to post our Friday Favourite netfound.
The winner is...
Absolutely adorable Paper Art by Owen Gildersleeve
Colorful leaves look just like real ones. 

Because we can't do anything against it: Autumn is coming with it colourful leaves. This summer was a short one in Southern Germany. Short and hot, some weeks ago fall started to show its power with heavy rain falls for weeks. We took the rain and tried to work as much as possible. Everyday we feel lucky that we work with colorful materials. 
Fall is full of reds and browns... Colorful, yes, but we would love to have some turquoise and violet, too...

Some new accordion book designs, handmade by Nauli
Die neuen Leporello - Designs von Nauli


  1. What beautiful paper leaves, love the colors !

  2. those leaves are adorable. and just in time to kick off a bright Autumn!


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