Nauli Accordion Photo Book on the Etsy Frontpage yeah! and other dreams coming true...

What a nice morning suprise! Featurator had sent two emails tonight. One of the new designs of Nauli Accordion Books had been featured on the Etsy frontpage. This geometric treasury was made by print artist Antoksfairytales. And honestly, when we know about it, we already had a dream... Dreams coming true are the best! Thank you Antoksfairytales!

Do you know Sumikoshop? It's jewelry shop from Italy. Designer Evelyn creates totally romantic, but affordable jewelry for every woman who wants to become a princess in her daily life. She also runs a lovely blog, which is on our daily reads for long. And what do you see on this screenshot? Yes, Nauli has a new banner and the first place you see it is at Sumiko-Shop Lovely Finds. The secret behind is, that we won the monthly Treasury Challenge, so we get a free monthly advertising as Top Sponsor!

Happy Friday!


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