The Flair of Prague or Between Art deco and Contemporary Art - Prague Part 2

If you ever plan to visit Prague and travel by train, you could start your journey with a coffeebreak or a drink in the Bistro of the hall of the train station of Praha.
It´s a kind of representing the charm of the city. Beautiful art deco ornaments but not of all of them is taken care. But you still can feel the glamour of former times, wich already came back in some part of cities.

If you bring some time, beside visiting all this places of intrest you should just walk around the city to find many beautiful intresting and curious places there. 
Keep your eyes wide open and you will find interesting artworks everywhere in the Prague. 

Keep your eyes up and you will find beautiful art decor ornaments everywhere in the city.

And keep them down for this the patterned pavings. 

The colours of Prague on etsy


  1. Thank you for the nice and interesting walk!

  2. I absolutely loved Prague myself! I had a one day quick tour but it was amazingly full and I also did lots of shopping! Of course I left many things unseen, can't wait to have a summer day in Prague again!:)

  3. Prague looks inspiring!!! I love it when people take care to design pavements.


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