Davos anno 1923 or Roaring Twenties - Treasures in the House

Yesterday we found some photos in Grandmas photoalbum. Her Father took the photos not long after he moved to Davos, Switzerland in 1923. It seems they are taken within the first years they lived in Davos. 
As Grandmas parents were fascinated in that time, our grandma is until now.
And we are.. this snapshots are gorgeous.

Not just the snapshots of this iceskating beauties also the fashion of the twenties. 
We tried to catch this flair for the shooting of Louises hat for the EST Challenge themed 

Eva needed tons of  hairspray to fix her hair like this and it did not least long... 
after the shooting the wave was gone.
Wondering how the ladys of the twenties were fixing their beautiful hairstyles...


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