The Nauli collection of DVD/ CD folios... // Die Nauli Kollektion an CD / DVD Hüllen

We are selling online for almost a year now. Not long after we opened our online shops, Nauli has been found by photographers all over the world. And a week ago, we even found a discussion on Flickr about the Nauli DVD folio!
Our product photos have been so bad at the beginning! "Clear and crisypy" one year ago, means something different for us... Both of us are so sure: Our lightbox has been the best investment ever.
Time to show our whole collection, we thought and played along with the mosaic tool of picasa.  But it didn't work well. Anyway today is a special day for us, and we still wanna show you something.
So, here it is... not the whole collection of Nauli CD cases, but around two third....

Nauli DVD / CD cases
After one year selling online, we decided to open our own online shop on big cartel. Inventory is easier there and you don't need to register as a customer first. You can order more than one product of one design at one time without contacting us in advance. As long as we still have it, it is available there.
A good option if you need it fast and you are on the other half of the world, where time difference sometimes slow down communication.
But, we still hope our customers will use the communication tool often and happily! As you know, we love to create your own custom made CD/ DVD folio!
For ur start of our brandnew shop we offer a 10% discount code for subscribers of our newsletter, valuable for your first order.