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A week ago we told you about Bali.
At Tanah Lot we bought some kites. Yes you are right.. when we are in Indonesia we always buy some useless stuff. Just for the fun to bargain with the sellers.
This one was for our sister. 
By chance there was a kite festival next to her place when we visited her to meet our little niece.
It was the first time for us and our niece we visited a kite festival. And it was the first time for the kite to fly. And all of us had fun.

In the beginning every try ended as steep dive. 
It was not the fault of the kite, but the fault of the owner. The angle of the cord was wrong and every time he tried to take off he was pulled down. 
But it did not take long until we fixed the problem. The kite took off.
And it seemed he felt quiet good up there with all the other kites. 
And he was proud to be the only sailing ship.

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  1. so much fun! We do this a lot with my girl =) she love it so much!

  2. It's been ages ago since I played with a kite!
    Sweet and fun! :)

  3. would be fun to try to try this again! ages ago for me too!

  4. What a great kite!
    Kites are never useless. They are fun, fun, fun!

  5. Beautiful mosaic. A very great idea!

  6. we have a holiday here in Greece where we fly kites, it's so much fun! but we just have the simple ones, yours looks awesome :-)

  7. so much fun! We do this a lot with my girl =) she love it so much!


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