First snowflake at my doorstep or Monday Mood Board

We are happy we are still waiting for these snowflakes.. 
and hopeing for some more sunny autumndays before the wintertime arrives here. 

But it´s time to get ready for the first snow.... 
Lara´s hat  avaiable now at nauliknits

No snow until now in south Germany, but sometimes on clear days, we can see the snow at the alpes from our home...
1.Where does the snow go by Dindi 2. Snow white scarf by Zuzusworld
3. White FLower Earrings by Sumikoshop 4. Mistel Toe by MGMart

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first snow on etsy


  1. Beautiful first snow mood! Have a great week!

  2. How beautiful items Eva! I love your finds! Thanks a lot!

  3. I so love the winterly moodboard. Well done, nauli's:)

  4. so lovely......I love your hat too
    thanks so much :)

  5. Beautiful moodboard!
    I love snow and snowflakes.Thank you so much.

  6. Ready for snow now ^_^ Lovely picture of Lara's hat!

  7. Lovely moodboard. Thank you for the feature!
    I love Lara´s hat!

  8. we already had the first snow here. Beautiful mood!


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