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Looking around in this big big world let us see a lot of beautiful, funny and  inspirational things, collecting them can make our bookmark list full and downloading photos let us easily loose the source. So we started a new blog, additional to this one. The Nauli collection of the nice, the beauty, the wishes, the dreams, the artisticals, the inspirations, the big ideas. You will not find words there, but sometimes our visual answers.
Come and have a look at Nauli's inspirations!

In dieser großen Welt stoßen wir täglich auf schönes, lustiges und inspiratives. Alles zu sammeln kann unsere Bookmark-Liste bis ins unübersichtliche anschwellen lassen, fotos herunter zu laden läßt uns ihre Quelle leicht verlieren. Deshalb haben wir jetzt einen neuen Blog gestartet - zusätzlich zu diesem hier. Die Nauli Sammlung von netten, schönen, gewünschten, erträumten, künstlerischen, inspirativen Dingen und großen Ideen. Du wirst dort nicht viele Worte finden, aber manchmal unsere Antworten auf unsere Fundstücke.
Schau vorbei bei  Nauli's Inspirationen!


Mothersday ideas - Nauli's Mondaymoodboard

How do you say thank you to your mom? Some ideas from Etsy...
1. Love you Mom! Printable Greetingcard by PixelWildChild
2. Mean - 5 - Mini art feeling by Artmind - there are other feelings in stock :) !
3. Colorful Afghan Blanket by Atelier Afra
4. A Whimsical and Cute card for Momma by Tanya Mac
5. Heart Garland by Vitalakim
6. Mother's Day  - Bloom. Printable Card by Card by MissusDPaperie
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Nauli dolls playing around on Sunday... Nauli Puppen nach Waldorf machen einen fröhlichen Sonntagsreigen

 + Nauli's ecofriendly Waldorf inspired dolls are available at littlenauli.etsy.com & naulispuppen.dawanda.de +
 + Nauli's Waldorf inspirierte Puppen aus Stoff gibt es bei littlenauli.etsy.com und naulispuppen.dawanda.de +
Wishing you a happy Sunday, maybe on the lake side, like Nauli's ecofriendly Waldorf inspired dolls !
Wir wünschen einen schönen Sonntag. Vielleicht am See, wie Nauli's Stoffpuppen aus kinderfreundlichem Puppentrikot und biologischer Schafwolle ?


Available again - the Nauli CD case in red Fleur de Lys

We are so happy, that our handmade Nauli Cd-case are loved by our customers. For a while we weren't able to catch up reproducing our most classic one again. So, we are happy to pronounce:
The Nauli CD folio in European lily - Fleur de Lys is in the shops again!
 + available at our Etsy shop nauli.etsy.com or at shop.nauli.de+
+ erhältlich in unserem Dawanda Laden Nauli.dawanda.de oder bei laden.nauli.de +

Wir freuen uns, dass unsere handgemachten Nauli CD Hüllen bei unseren Kunden so gut ankommen. Für eine Weile haben wir es nicht geschafft uns um die Nachproduktion eines unserer klassischen Designs zu kümmen. Deshalb präsentieren wir sie heute wieder stolz in unseren Läden: Die Nauli CD Hülle im klasssichen roten Fleur de Lys - Design. Die Lilie ist aus unserem Sortiment einfach nicht mehr wegzudenken.



Look, what a fun stuff we found window shopping on Etsy today! Cubetti is the name of this wooden play cubes made by StudioFludd from Padova, Italy.



Last week a lot of people stranded somewhere, because a vulcano in Iceland made the airspace over Europe kind of unsafe for airplanes. Nauli somehow had to work with half power, because one of the boyfriends was stranded somewhere in Germany, and half of the Nauli Team was kind of stranded with him. Luckily in a tiny hotelroom with the option to take the train home any time. As the boyfriend was on standby duty, the airport became the place of every day walk. And I feel sorry about all the people who had to sleep on camp beds for days, with poor sanitary options. I thought about, that we even couldn't make our hotel room something personal, how about open space? Coming back home, I could feel, what's Heimat - the German word, we use for the place, the athmosphere, we feel to be home. Not because I wanna leave my hotelroom - my Heimat is where my boyfriend is! But because I feel with all the stranded peoples living from their suitcases in the public space of the airport.

Nauli's Music Box Plush Pillows can give your baby the feeling of Heimat, if you let the lullaby to become a everyday ritual. They are made from ecofriendly cotton and filled with ecofriendly wool.
The warm and calm lullaby plays, if you pull the string.
Available here: littlenauli.etsy.com and here: dawanda.com/shop/NaulisPuppen


Go for a walk on a Saturday afternoon in April

Our Mondaymoodboard a homage on the beauty of the spring.
Go for a walk on a sunny afternoon and you will find this beautiful colours everywhere.

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Happy inspirations from Flickr

Was looking through my flick favourites today and stuck with a lot of handmade stuff. This reds are just as happy as the one from yesterday Monday Moodboard....
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Colourful Sunday

Reading my blogroll  tonight was bringing some colour to a snowy rainy April day in Munich. Fine  shows some photos of the  awsome sunny child cloth collection from Teeny Tini.

It's reminding me a bit on the colourful knitted collection our Mom made for our little sisters in the nineties. Different style - but same bright colours. I'm on search for photos of these. Hope to find one.


Little playsuits for Nauli dolls and others...

The long table in the house became a sewing working space again. Since three days we are sewing playsuits for our little Nauli dolls. When we designed this cute cloth our goal was to make a pattern, which can suit all of our small dolls... As Nauli dolls are real one of a kind, not only their face, but also their bodies are of different length and girth.
The playsuit is perfect, we think, as it fits to every small Nauli doll, it can be worn by boys and girls and it doesn't have anything which can harm young children. With a Nauli playsuit, our short haired dolls can become a first doll for your child, as it's without buttons or other small things and it's made from ecofriendly cotton just like our dolls. The playsuit will be available at littlenauli.etsy.com and naulispuppen.dawanda.de from today.
Der lange Tisch im Haus ist seit Tagen wieder Schneiderwerkstatt. Wir nähen Spielanzüglein für unsere kleinen Nauli Puppen. Die Herausforderung beim Design der Spielanzüge war es, einen Schnitt zu entwerfen der allen kleinen Nauli Stoffpuppen paßt. Unsere Puppen sind ja wirkliche Einzelstücke und haben nicht nur unterschiedliche Köpfe, sondern auch unterschiedlich große und lange Körper.
Die Spielanzüge sind perfekt, weil sie aus den kleinen kurzhaarigen Puppen die ideale Erstlingspuppe machen. Sie kommen ganz ohne Knöpfe und andere für kleine Kinder gefährliche kleine Accessoires aus. Außerdem sind sie aus zertifziert formaldehydfreiem Stoff oder aus Bio-Baumwollstoff genäht, wie unsere Puppen. Die Puppenspielanzüge wird es ab heute bei naulispuppen.dawanda.de und littlenauli.etsy.com zu kaufen geben.


Nauli CD-Case in black and white damask

All planned Easterblogposts didn't work for us. We couldn't upload photos for some days here and then our internet connection didn't work for hours. Anyway, we hope you had great Easter Days!
Yesterday we could put our new CD-Case in Damask design out of the press. It was produced on request for the first time. But we are so happy with this design, that we decided to put it in our shops. So, no available regulary at nauli.etsy.com and nauli.dawanda.de the great Nauli Damask CD-case in two designs!

Aus unseren geplanten Osterblogposts wurde leider nichts. Wir konnten für einige Tage keine Fotos hochladen und dann war unsere Internetverbindung nicht stabil. Trotzdem, wir hoffen Ihr hattet alle großartige Osterfeiertage!
Gestern ist unsere neue Nauli CD Hülle im Damast Design aus der Presse vor unsere Kamera gewandert.  Ursprünglich haben war sie eine Sonderanfertigung. Aber sie gefällt uns so gut, dass sie nun auch regulär in unseren Läden  nauli.dawanda.de und nauli.etsy.com erhältlich ist und zwar gleich in zwei unterschiedlichen Designs:

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