Treasures in the house: A find in an old tin

Do you know what´s that?

it´s the front of an enamel oven...

it can open the mouth wide.. and there is space for little things... well we can not enamel huge things. But when we were kids, we enameled pendants and small coins changed to colorful artworks.

when we were kids we used Deutsche Pfennig, now we would use Eurocents. 
I tried to find this little pieces.. I thought I kept them in this little red box. 
But all we found were buttons. A handmade button of the leather jacket our father weared when he was young. A button of grandmas engagemend dress. And a button of the first garment I bought from my selfearned money. 

But we will think about the place where we could have kept this enamaled pieces. We are sure they still must be anywhere. And will post them then..... 

To find more buttons head over to Petronella from Kraplap 


Clouds or the sky over Munich - Naulis Flickr Favourites

We had a rainy night and a cloudy morning...
The clouds are forming bizarre ornaments up there. 
The sky over munich is almost black but in the south over the alpes it´s sunny. 
So we can not predict todays weather here at all... 
But make sure you brought your umbrella!

Head over to Artmind for more flickr favourites.


I've seen a rainbow on the horizon - Nauli's Monday Moodboard

Where Nauli's based we had rain, storm and sometimes sun for the last week.  Temperature dropped almost 15°C - lucky us, that we mostly work with bright colors! The nicest thing sometimes happened in an unstable weather are rainbows. One of the most beautiful moments in nature for me is to see a rainbow on the horizon...

1. paper bead rainbow hoop earrings by papermode 2. oh puppies - ceramics dachshund dog brooche by artmind 3. large rainbow arc mobile by mmniacrafts 4. granny square pillow by spacejamhandmade

Many talented artists of the Europeanstreetteam on Etsy have a rainbow as their inspiration. Have a look at the rainbow treasury

And don't forget to head over to fleurfatale for more Monday Moodboards! We wish you a great week!


Friday Favourite - and a super8 camera on a Nauli cd case

Oh no, almost End of the week again! Time for best of our weekly collection on our Tumblr. Check it out and you'll see we're still sticking with colors... bright summer colors in beautiful mixes... This week a bit softer...
Our favourite for this week is...
 It's part of this nice collection of film and sound connected vintage designs by maraid / Jane McDevitt.

We came through it when we already worked on our new linocut prints for cd cases and photo albums. More to come soon!

Our Super8 Linocut:
Already available on CD-Cases

See our treasury on Etsy of vintage photo related things inspired by this Friday Favourite here

and leave a comment...


Treasures in the house: Ikat

Browsing the web lately shows that Ikat is a big trend at the moment. The Etsy Finds from UK featured a lot of Ikat items on the handmade market this week.

 1. MAYKHA Dress by bluemaykha 2. Bamboo handwoven scarf, ikat-dyed by exclusivelybyv  3. greta panel dress by cristinapires 4. Cushion by GalleriaAust 5. Silk Pillow covers by bluemaykha 6. Ikat Drum Lampshade by StudioJOTA 7. Linen and Silk Cushion by bestill 8. Ikat Pillow - Glorious Silk by MaterialRecovery 9. Vintage Kimono Ikat Silk Sling Bag by momijistudio 10. handwoven ikat pillow by laigrai 11. Padded Ikat Cotton Kindle by JiuJiu

Handmade design blog Poppytalk featured the Indigo Ikat's of Mary Bergtold-Mulcahy for Les Indiennes:

Design #9 - Floral Cross

And even US dicounter Target has a Ikat - bedlinen set on Sale! 

Home Ikat Reversible Comforter Set - Blue from Target

Well, we've our own Ikat story... Ikat is an Indonesian word, which actually means cord, thread or knot. It's a special technique of dying a fabric: The thread gets dyed first and the pattern comes out, if it gets woven. This technique makes a fabric almost as beautiful at the back side, than at the front side.  And it needs a lot of counting and very precise dying work before... For sure, this challenge is only experienced by crafters who do everything by hand. Can you imagine, that some women need some month to finish a piece of Ikat? 

Ulos Maker, originally uploaded by Rudy Suyanto.

No wonder, that a lot of Indonesian ethnics need this kind of fabric for social and religious ceremonies. A Ikat can be symbol of land, power, wisdom, honour... 
We still remember the time, when a lot of handmade Ikats from Eastern Indonesia have been on sale. Our Mom bought them like crazy. We loved to choose the pattern, but start thinking about what to do, with all this dark colored fabric...

Well, you can still find handmade Ikat in Indonesia, but there are a lot of machine mades now and our Mom's collection will be kept untouched for sure! It's a treasure in the house!

a treasury full of beautiful ikat items on etsy

Update: Just found this cute ikat romper by gap via Rebecca Joseph's Pinterest


Crafty Soap - Netfind

The great button artist Petronella from Kraplap is holding Button Wednesday now every week. Nauli makes great buttons (sorry, but we are proud) and has a big collection in the house of bought and brought ones...
But this week we made an amazing find at etsy...

Fresh Laundry Button Soap by HelloCrafty on Etsy

Guess what it is? 
It's soap! Available at HelloCrafty on Etsy. 
A great gift for any crafter, right?


The fascination of the Nature or Ferien auf Balkonien - Nauli´s Flickr Favourites

We are born in Bavaria, people are going to places for holidays not far away from our home. People whose passion is hiking in summertime or snowboarding in wintertime. 
We rather do that... we choose jumping in the Isar, a river 5 minutes from our home to refresh body and mind on hot summerdays. We are going to the Lake Starnberg earlier in the morning for breakfast and beeing the first one swimming there that day, before its getting crowded later. 

But acutally there are many beautiful places to be discovered not far away.

Head over to Artmind for more flickr favourites.

Usually we go there when we have guests from abroad... Then we visit places which are flood by tourists. Last weekend we choosed the Partnachklamm next to Garmisch. Believe or not, it was the first time since more than 15 years to visit this beautiful place even it's about a hour by car and we could reach it by train as well. 

If you go by car, park it on the parkingspace of the Winter Olympic areal of 1936.

You have to walk about 20 minutes to reach the ravine, so it is easy done even for non sportive people. But you can use the carriage as well.

Believe us the nature is just fascinating. 

You should bring a raincoat, because its wet, even it is a hot summerday.

you should watch your head, and watch your feet, to keep safe.


Hail in July or a refreshing Summerstorm - Nauli´s Monday Mood Board

On Friday evening we wanted to go for a picnic at the lake not far away, we prepared the food but just in the moment, when we wanted to leave the house it started to rain. 
So we started to have picnic at home and some minutes later it started to hail. The hail was a bit scary, i tried to catch one and it hurted! So we felt lucky that we did not leave the house earlier... and just watched the thunderstorm from a save place....

Treasury "Hail in July" on Etsy

For more Mondaymoodboards head over to Fleurfatale.blogspot.com!


Nauli products have been delivered to here...

We started selling online end of October last year and it took us some weeks to fill the shops. Today we played around with Google Maps and we feel so happy to see where our handmade products have been delivered to. Click to see the result !

Im Oktober letzten Jahres haben wir begonnen online zu verkaufen. Es hat eine Weile gedauert die Läden zu füllen. Heute haben wir uns bei Google Maps angeschaut, wo unsere handgemachten Produkte  überall gelandet sind. Ein Klick bringt Dich zum Ergebnis!


Friday Favourite - and a stack of colorful Nauli cd cases

Time for best of our weekly collection on our Tumblr. Looks like we have been fascinated by yarn and rainbow colors and by cool sandy colors. Maybe, because this is summer? We are so happy about all the colors around us, but from time to time we wanna have some refreshing coolness.

Zeit das beste unserer dieswöchigen Sammlung auf Tumblr zu suchen. Wir waren fasziniert von Garn und Regenbogenfarben und auch Sandfarben. Vielleicht, weil's Sommer ist? Wir freuen uns an den Farben um uns herum, aber sehnen uns manchmal auch nach ein bisschen erfrischender Kühle?

Not easy to choose the favourite of the week...
Nicht einfach unsere Freitag Favoriten zu wählen...

+ unknown source due a broken link. Found at petapeta.tumblr +

reminding us on our own photo...
erinnert uns an unser eigenes Foto...

Find more colorful stacks from the Etsy CIC Team here


Clothes for petite women... - Tolle Kleider für kleine Frauen...

Well, it is not our problem to be small or petite... but we know being small can be a problem when it comes to fashion. Today we want to introduce you to Novita alias Verypurpleperson. Her lively and personal blog is a fresh basket of - mostly handmade - life, always fun to read and full of ideas and inspirations. She offers a lot of DIY patterns to download and Novita also makes great photos of her fashion with mostly herself as a model.

Dress with hood, originally uploaded by verypurpleperson.

Nun wir gehören zwar nicht zu den Frauen mit kleinen Größen, aber wir wissen, dass es auch für Frauen manchmal schwer ist modische Kleidung in Untergrößen zu bekommen. Heute stellen wir Euch Novita alias Verypurpleperson vor. Ihr lebendiger und persönlicher Blog ist wie ein frischer Korb voller kreativen Lebens, immer guter Lesestoff gefüttert mit Ideen und Inspirationen.  Sie teilt auch eine Menge von DIY Schnitten mit ihren LeserInnen und macht großartige Modefotos von sich selbst und ihrer Mode. 

Bow tie blue orange dress by verypurpleperson on etsy

 Most Verypurpleperson's products are made from patterned cotton. Novita has a big love for details, which you can see on her work. Most products are one of a kind - and she just decided to keep on going with her "only petite size" - policy.

Die meisten Verypurpleperson's Produkte werden aus gemusterter Baumwolle hergestellt. Novita liebt liebevoll gestaltete Details und das sieht man ihrer Arbeit auch an. Fast alle Sachen sind Einzelstücke - und, sie hat sich gerade erst dazu entschieden zunächst dabei zu bleiben und nur in ihrer eigenen Größe herzustellen. Und das heißt XS.

New collection, originally uploaded by verypurpleperson.

So, if you are petite and look for something real special visit her shop verypurpleperson and on etsy verypurpleperson. All the others, like us have to take the accessoires only... Sorry.

Japanese fabric button necklace by verypurpleperson on etsy



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Let´s have a Drink or Elder Syrup

Last week, we went for a walk, looking for this flower. We decided to make some syrup from it. For selfmade elder syrup, you have to wait for a couple of days, until the composition of elder flowers, water, citric acid and sugar turned to a tasty syrup. (Finde the recipe here!)

Letzte Woche waren wir spazieren um diese Blüten für unseren Sirup zu finden. Für selbstgemachten Hollundersirup muss man ein paar Tage warten, bis die Kombination aus Wasser, Zitronensäure und Zucker zu einem leckeren Sirup wird. (Das Rezept ist hier!)

Now, at least, it´s done: ready to drink. 6 liters of tasty syrup, enough to give many many liters of water of this smell and taste of late spring and early summer...

Nun ist es vollbracht: 6 Liter leckeren Sirups. Genug für viele viele Liter Wassers mit dem Duft und Geschmack des späten Frühlings und frühen Sommers...

A shot of syrup, some lemon slices, and icecubes can make a great summer drink for these hot days...
Ein guter Spritzer Sirup, ein paar Zitronenscheiben und Eiswürfel sind das perfekte Sommergetränk für diese heißen Tage...

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