Good news! Shipping costs cut 50% !

We are happy to announce: Deutsche Post cut shipping costs by 1st January 2011 almost 50% for non EU-Countries!

This means a lot for us. As most our customers are from USA, Canada, and Australia, we feel so pleased with this new price policy!

By the way... did you know, you can order up to 4 Nauli single DVD folios or 4 Accordion Books for a shipping price of currently only 5.30 US $ or 4€ Euros to USA, Australia, Canada?
Come and choose your favourite patterns at our shop.
Our system still don't allows another way, than we will refund your overpaid shipping costs via Paypal.


  1. Wonderful news fro new year :))

    I hope LA POSTE can do it some promotion too :))

    Happy new year !


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