Porcelain Blues by Hayon - Nauli's Friday Favorite

Once again, we have chosen porcelain as our Friday Favorite. Did we ever tell you, that this deep love for pottery might come from our grand-grandparents? They were porcelain maker and decorator by profession. Actually we have been dreaming of making our own ceramic design since ages. Nowadays it is not impossible anymore. But as long as we don't do it, we just collect inspirations... 
Hayon for Kutani Choemon is one of them...

The collection by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón is such a playful one. It was designed for KUTANI CHOEMON, manufacturer of Kutani pottery, which is one of the representative traditional crafts in Ishikawa, Japan.  They use a lot of classic blue glaze for their paintings on porcelain. Hayón has used this color but gives it a more modern outlook and shape. Love it!

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