Blue and white // Blau weiß... : Monday Moodboard

Blue was the sky when we woke up this morning. Little hope, that summer will come out. It's not as cold as yesterday anymore, but clouds are coming back again. Blue and white are such a beautiful pair. - We just wished we could bring it in our house and have a yellow orange sun outside!

1. Big Earrings by vadjutka from Hungary,
2. Cornflowers photography by MyMonography from Northern Ireland
3. Fiber brooch by Birribe from Sweden
4. Fabric basket by blota from the Netherlands

All these great items are designed and handmade by members of the Etsy Europeanstreetteam. Please head over to to find more Monday Moodboards.


  1. great finds! Haha, my monday moodboard subject today also the summer, and the better weather. ;) I waited for the sun about 3 weeks ago. :/ And according to my phone, the weather is geting warmer, Wednesday will be about 29 degree! Go to the beach! ;)

  2. I'm feeling blue today, too - only your mood is much happier! Love the cornflowers and the brooch!!

  3. beautiful picks! hope sunshine comes soon :-)

  4. Wonderful blues! We have blue sky here yesterday and today - first time since March - so hopefully you will soon have some blue sky too :)

  5. Beautiful blues. Wish your summer comes soon.

  6. Very nice shade of blue and very lovely photographs!


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