mobile hospitality ... rindu Indonesia

Do you have a second home like we do? Our's is Indonesia and there are days we see it everywhere and we miss it even more. Today is such a day. We found chmara.rosinke's Mobile Hospitality, which is a mobile outdoor kitchen. It won the DMY International Design Festival Award 2012.

They have proven its usability, too.

And why we see it and miss Indonesia?


It's not only about the mobile kitchen. It's a lot about the food... and drinks!


  1. I can really see why you miss it so much! I'd love to try all this amazing street food.
    Hope you can visit it soon!
    Also that mobile kitchen is great.

  2. Food trucks and carts have been very popular in the US for the past few years, but I've never seen anything quite like that mobile kitchen. Very cool. :)


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