Why buying handmade makes a difference?

Last week we had the opportunity to visit the factory halls of a big company. No photos allowed. But we can tell you their developed technology is impressive. The whole product (except the raw material) is made by one machine. This even includes the packaging into card-boxes, which were unfolded by the same machine. They need only three people on their biggest machine to look for supply, watch the whole process and help if there’s a fault. Most of the machines are accompanied by only one person.
Our friend, who works there is happy with his safe and clean job. (Although we’re silently wondering if he wouldn’t be more happy if there would be more people involved just because a machine can’t give you a smile.) Sure, there are many more heads involved in development and designing the product before another company can build this unbelievable effective machine. And even though those machines must cost a number, which might be out of our imagination, it makes prices low. And don’t we all like it cheap? Don’t we all have limited money to spend and are happy to make a good deal?

So, why buying handmade makes a difference?

Handmade in our sense means a soulful production. Speaking about us, it means even when we source our supplies we are emotionally involved. Does the material speak to us? Do we like the way the company represents itself and communicate with us? Are they mindful and personal? Once we have the material the designing process involves even more of our soul. If we look back development in personality leads to different product designs. And if we have a not so perfect day, making something with happy colors will make us feel better.
We feel our products have a kind of good karma (not in a religious sense, but every piece is really designed with positive emotions, made with care and packed with smile).
And if you not only buy handmade, but you buy directly from the producer, there is even a positive relationship between buyer and seller. We don’t know your life, but we handwrite your name and at least know, you like our work. That gives us an awesome feeling. And we hope you can feel something similar, when you hold our product in your hand knowing you bought from someone who really loves to make it for you.

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  1. When I buy handmade, I enjoy being able to talk to teh personmaking the item, who is even able to customise her creation Just fo Me.
    Love the individual service.


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