The Bullet Journal // makes your (nauli) notebook even more useful

We always wanted to ask you how you  use your notebooks. We think, everyone has his very own style. We both carry a small weekly planner and one or two small notebooks with us. One is for ideas, to-do-lists and thoughts for Nauli and the other one is for our private notes. To be honest, this has developed just for some years now. Even after a 3 month try out of using the iPhone extensively!*
As our audience isn't that large yet, we thought this question can wait, although we would be happy if you share your notebook experience as a comment below!
Today we heard about The Bullet Journal via MondaySunday and feel we should spread the word. The Bullet Journal is a way to use your notebook. It's actually the way Ryder Carroll developed to use his notebook. And he does it extensively and logically. Tasks - Notes - Events are his three bullets to keep all notes in order. He even use pages and write down an index for his notes!
Let's watch the video!
Tasks, Notes, and Events.
yder Carroll
yder Carroll

How do you use your notebook?
* Sure, not for everything. We are notebook makers because we are notebook lovers!


  1. Das finde ich ziemlich interessant. Und ich würde es auch in Betracht ziehen, habe gerade aber noch ein paar Zweifel daran, dass ich es durchziehen würde :D Aber ein Versuch ist es wert!


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