Wedding... - Hochzeit...

Our friends are gonna get married on Friday. I've to leave the house tomorrow morning to make it on time there.
Nauli made some special wedding gifts for the couple. Personalized photo album, guest book and cd cases are going to give their sweet memories a perfect frame. As bride and groom fan black and white as well as Rococo, we thought our damask pattern fits perfectly.

+ personalized CD Case for a wedding by Nauli
+ personalisierte CD Hülle für ein Hochzeitsvideo by Nauli +

Unsere Freunde werden am Freitag heiraten. Ich muss morgen losfahren um rechtzeitig anzukommen.
Nauli hat ein paar besondere Hochzeitsgeschenke für das glückliche Paar gemacht: Fotoalbum, Gästebuch und CD Hüllen - alle personalisiert - sollen den schönen Erinnerungen den standesgemäßen Rahmen verleihen. Weil das Brautpaar schwarz und weiß und auch Rokoko mag, haben wir uns für unseres schwarz weißes Damastmuster entschieden.

+ personalized Photo Album for a wedding by Nauli +
+ personalisiertes Hochzeitsalbum by Nauli +

The guest book is made to be filled by guests. We asked all guests to craft their own page. The guest book will be bound at the wedding with a simple screw binding. So excited to see, how this book will look like!
 + personalized guest book to fill at the wedding by Nauli +
+ personalisiertes Gästebuch für eine Hochzeit by Nauli +

Das Gästebuch soll natürlich von den Hochzeitsgästen gefüllt werden und hat deshalb noch kein Inlet. Wir haben alle Gäste im Vorfeld kontaktiert und sie gebeten ihre eigene Seite zu gestalten.  Das Buch wird mit einer simplen Schraubbindung am Tag der Hochzeit gebunden. Wir sind gespannt wie es aussehen wird! Für die Gäste, die vergessen haben ihre Seite zu gestalten bringen wir natürlich was mit. Mit der Digitalkamera werden dann Fotos geschossen, die die Lücken füllen sollen.

So... still one question. What should I wear? Weather forecast says:



Summerberries... Flickr Favourites and fresh summer ice cream

We feel so happy to have summer now, we even feel some heat in parts of the house and our small garden invites for chilling and enjoying the sun. It will need some month untill the berries will become dark red, sweet and tasty... (we've strawberries, blackberries, currants and raspberries) like the yummy ones we found on flickr...

Lucky us, that we can buy some frozen berries in the supermarket near by... Because berries and some soymilk and honey can make the best homemade summer ice cream... in some seconds! And you really know what you eat!

Nauli's fast homemade Berry Icecream

What you need for 2 portions:
A bowl full of mix of berries or your favourite berries. They have to be frozen. So if you pick them by yourself put them into the freezer for a day. If you buy, just take the frozen berries... A cup of soymilk and some honey or sugar... Put berries, soymilk and honey just as you like it into a blender and mix it together. The consistence will look like a smoothie. Devide this red and tasty berry mix into two bowls and put them into the freezer for 2 hours... Enjoy!

  • If you don't have time to put it into the freezer again, use soy yoghurt instead of soymilk.
  • A very ripe banana is perfect for for sweetening this tasty ice cream.
  • If you are lucky and can eat anything - not like one of us - use cream or yoghurt instead of soymilk or soyyoghurt.
Find more Flickr favourites at artmind-etcetera!


    Just a few minutes by foot or sail away - Nauli´s Monday Mood

    We are living next to Isar, a river from the Alpes. If it´s hot and sunny we just grab our beach bag, slip in our sandals, walk a few minutes straight to the river. The water is quiet cold, and you can not "swim" long, because the river is streaming fast. But on a hot summerday it´s so refreshing...
    There are no sailboats, but canoes passing from time to time. 
    There is almost no sand, so you can not call it a beach, but you can select wonderful stones in different colours and sizes...

    For more monday moods head over to fleurfatale.
    Have a great start into your week!


    At least it's summer or preparing Nauliknits Wintercollection

    We had a couple of warm days in March here in South Germany, it seemed to gonna be a "real summer" this year. Suddenly it started to rain again, got quiet cold for weeks. It was just like autumn, windy, rainy, cold... only the leafs did not change their greens to red and yellow... 

    So, instead of enjoying the summer we started to prepare Nauliknits Wintercollection for the next season. 

    When we started designing and producing Nauliknits Wintercollection January 2010, the labels had been 100% handmade, linocut printed to emphasize the handmade and unique touch of Nauli products.

    Two weeks ago we got new small woven Nauli- labels and combined them with the handprinted ones.

    And nauli is prepared for the next winter. 

    Charlys hats available at etsy www.nauliknits.etsy.com !


    Yarn Bombing or colour your life in a different way - Nauli´s Flickr Favourites

    Have you ever heard about yarn bombing? It´s a kind of graffity, a way to colour the nature, colour the cityscape in a different way. I have never seen it in real live, but I´am sure it makes people smile. 
    All you need is kilometers of yarn in different colours and knitting needles.

    Find more Flickr favourites at artmind-etcetera!


    DIY or etsys craft partys - Mondaymoodboard

    On Friday it was Etsys birthday! There were craft partys all over the globe, organized by Etsy sellers. Etsy sellers, buyers, crafters and people interested in crafting took part. 
    In Munich there took a small craft party place, too.
    We had a really nice evening, and may be we will organize craft-evenings regulary from now.

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    A great week to everyone!


    Munich Craft Meeting or Etsys Birthday

    On Friday it was Etsys 5th birthday! There were craftpartys organized all over the globe. In Munich it was one too. Thanks to Kathleen from MissusD for organizing that. 
    Actually there was an outdoor craftparty planned, but the weather made us stay in Kathleens small apartement. Double thanks to Kathleen, really generous to provide your place for our meeting!


    Post from Nauli?

    Do you want to know, how it could look like, if you get an order from Nauli?

    We currently do free gift wrapping on request!
    Buy Nauli's albums, photo books, accordion folder, cd cases, address books, sketch books on nauli.dawanda.com or nauli.etsy.com, Nauli's products for children on littlenauli.etsy.com or naulispuppen.dawanda.com, and Nauli's hat's and scarfs on nauliknits.etsy.com and request our free giftwrapping!

    Wolltest Du schon immer mal wissen, wie es sich anfühlen könnte ein Päckchen von Nauli zu bekommen?

    Wir bieten momentan eine kostenlose Geschenkverpackung auf Nachfrage an!
    Kaufe Nauli's Alben, Cd Hüllen, Adressbücher, Skizzenbücher, Fächermappen bei nauli.dawanda.com oder nauli.etsy.com, Nauli's Puppen nach Waldorfpädagogik, Spieluhren, Kindergartentaschen, Flötentaschen und Lavendel gefüllte Tierchen  bei littlenauli.etsy.com oder naulispuppen.dawanda.com und Nauli's Schals und Mützen bei  nauliknits.etsy.com frage nach der kostenlosen Geschenkverpackung!


    Vespa Love or Let`s go for a picnic - Nauli`s Flickr Favourites

    Would love to go for a picnic right now. Touring by Vespa until finding a great place anywhere out there. Relaxing for hours and having a great picnic. But its rainy and cold out there... So i have to be patient... 

    Find more Flickr favourites at artmind-etcetera!

    And my vespa has to be patient as well...


    starting the week with caramelcoffee and choclate chips cookies... mondaymoodboard

    The week is starting cold and rainy here.  Just the right weather to start the day with a long lazy breakfast, Some Caramel coffee and Brownies. 
    A lazy start for this day... but after this we gonna start to work hard...

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    A great week to everyone!


    Nauli and Vantiani: A secret paperie project

    Just the day we started on Etsy, we found Vantiani, a Jakarta based paper artist, who does adorable collages from colourful papers often coming with a vintage touch. We can say Vantiani was our first Etsy find and Etsy love!

    Gerade an unserem ersten Tag bei Etsy haben wir Vantiani entdeckt, eine Papierkünstlerin in Jakarta, die wunderbare Kollagen aus bunten Papieren macht - viele mit einem Vintage Touch. Wir können sagen Vantiani war unser erster Etsy Fund und unsere erste Etsy Liebe!

    What a happyness, when we get contacted by Ika Vantiani many many weeks ago, asking if we wanna do a swap! No, not a ordinary product swap, we wanna do a secret paperie project!

    Wie groß war die Freude als uns Ika Vantiani vor vielen Wochen fragte, ob wir einen Tausch mit ihr machen wollen! Nein, keinen schnöden Produkttausch, dieser sollte in ein geheimes Papeterie Projekt führen! 
    And this tiny envelope is what we got:
    Und das war der geheimnisvolle Umschlag, den wir bekamen:

    Filled with paper and artwork:
    Gefüllt mit Papier und Kunst: 

    Guess what we will do with it? Come again and stay tuned with our secret paperie project!
    Rate, was wir damit tun werden? Schau mal wieder vorbei und guck was aus unserem geheimen Papeterie Projekt mit Vantiani wird!


    Get striped...

    Some magazine told us, that stripes are fashionable again this summer. Actually we don't really care about this fact, but wanna share our striped favourite founds on Etsy, just because they deserve a closer look!


    + Bad Sleep Sally in a Glamourous Photoshot by PixelWildChild +

    + Stockholm red and white Pleated French Messenger by ikabags +

    Then, after finding all these fabulous striped things on etsy, we're looking around  - if we have something striped in our shops? And yes! We found this lonely striped little dolphin at our shop on Etsy littlenauli ! 

    + Lavender filled Dolphin fragrant sachet by nauli at littlenauli +

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