Mail from Norway or Friday Favourites...

Today we got mail.
A colorful purple package from Norway.
Filled with beautiful packaged, finest merino wool.
Guess what it is:
Dragons for the Nauli-sisters. 
Felted with love from ingermaaike.
They will warm us in the upcoming cold autumn and wintertime. 
Photos will follow. 
Thank you Inger!


Paper love - Nauli and... mast brothers chocolate

As we know not only Nauli is feeling this deep love for fine traditional patterns on strong paper... We just came across with the Mast Brothers. It's a tiny chocolate manufactory from New York. Their chocolate is really handmade and we believe, it's made with love since we saw their packaging...

So, we know it for sure now, we're not the only ones who think this pattern fit's crazy good in chocolate and coffee related treasuries on Etsy... and for menu cards...
The Mast Brothers wrap their chocolate in fine Italian Paper....
Well, we do something else from it, for example a dvd folio

Don't think the chocolate of the Mast Brothers is only wrapped in brown paper!
+ Choclate by Mast Brothers +

It looks like, that they can't limit themselves, just like the Nauli sisters...

 + Accordion Books by Nauli +


What's in your handbag? //Was ist in Deiner Handtasche?

If I would go on a huge shopping tour on Etsy today, I would decide myself to find a new handbag
and something nice to put in, matching to my colorful calendar for 2011 and to our address books.
Wenn ich auf große Shopping Tour auf Etsy ginge, würde ich mic für eine neue Handtasche entscheiden und etwas schönes um es rein zu tun und das zu unseren bunten Kalendern für 2011 und unseren Adressbüchern passt.

I would take a classic handbag in grey from Iragrant and fill it with colors and fun with a house key ring made by Loddelina, a beautiful wallet made by Blota, and a fun pencil case made by KirschBits.

Ich würde eine klassische Handtasche in grau von Iragrant nehmen und sie bunten Dingen mit Witz füllen: einem Hausschlüsselring von Loddelina, einer wunderschönen Geldbörse von Blota und einem lustigen Stiftemäppchen von Kirschbits.

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Frosty Morning or Sunny Autumn Day

Today we woke up and it seemed to be a sunny morning after the darkness of the night was gone. 
First time this autumn we found frosted flowers in our garden. 
Its time to change the clothes in our wardrobe: winterclothing instead of light summer dresses. 
We are hoping for many more sunny autumndays to take photos of nauliknits wintercollection.
This scarf is not yet finished.... We still did not decide wich buttons we use to close Louises scarf. 
You will find it soon at nauliknits.


Taschenkalender 2011 // Day Planner 2011 - Nauli's working space

Lange haben wir auf sie gewartet, auf die Kalenderbuchblöcke unserer Wahl aus Italien. Nun haben sie vor einer Woche endlich den Weg zu uns gefunden! Und wir haben uns gleich an die Arbeit gemacht,  für unsere Taschenkalender 2011.

We had to wait long for the calendar books from Italy. But then last week they really arrived! And we started to work on our Day Planners 2011.

 Zunächst einmal die Farb- und Musterauswahl getroffen und Buchleinen, Papier und Karton zurecht geschnitten. Dann aus den Kartons mit Buchleinen stabile Buchdeckel gemacht... 

And then connect the cardboard together with bookcloth to make it a durable cover. First choosing colors and patterns of paper, and bookcloth, then cutting cardboard, paper, and bookcloth into the right shape.

Und wärend diese in der Presse warteten... die Buchblöcke mit Kapitalbändchen im passenden Design versehen und mit Lesezeichenbändchen ausgestattet.

And while the covers need to be pressed... we put some attention to the inner book- blocks and add some important details.

Ja, und ihr ahnt es schon... da war noch ein bisschen mehr zu tun, bis wir sie nun endlich im Laden präsentieren können!

 Well, as you can imagine... there was something more to do until we could bring them to you.
Limited edition!


Davos anno 1923 or Roaring Twenties - Treasures in the House

Yesterday we found some photos in Grandmas photoalbum. Her Father took the photos not long after he moved to Davos, Switzerland in 1923. It seems they are taken within the first years they lived in Davos. 
As Grandmas parents were fascinated in that time, our grandma is until now.
And we are.. this snapshots are gorgeous.

Not just the snapshots of this iceskating beauties also the fashion of the twenties. 
We tried to catch this flair for the shooting of Louises hat for the EST Challenge themed 

Eva needed tons of  hairspray to fix her hair like this and it did not least long... 
after the shooting the wave was gone.
Wondering how the ladys of the twenties were fixing their beautiful hairstyles...

The roaring twenties and nauliknits - Nauli´s Flickr Favourites

Last weeks European Street Team Challenge theme "The Roaring Twenties" inspired us to shoot our newest nauli-knits design "Louises hat" in a different style. 

Usually Mitsy from Artmind is hosting the Flickr Favourites on every Thuesday. 
Because of personal circumstances she is holding a blogbreak.
We hope everything is getting better soon for her. 


Nauli DVD Folio for 6 Discs // Nauli CD Hülle für 6 CDs

Sometimes the same question comes in double... And we think, who knows there is a bigger audience who wants to know exactly the same thing? And this leads to this blogpost... Yes, we can make a DVD folio for  3, 4, 5, 6 discs! We even like to make our masterpiece of the Nauli CD case! But the demand seems to be not that big, that's why we have currently only one as ready stock in our shop.
Custom orders are always welcome! Just contact us!

An manchen Tagen kommt die gleiche Frage gleich zweimal bei uns an.... und dann denken wir, wer weiß? Vielleicht gibt es da draussen noch mehr Leute, die genau das gleiche wissen wollen? Und das führt dann zu diesem Blogeintrag... Ja, wir machen DVD und CD Hüllen für 3, 4, 5 und 6 CDs! Wir machen sie sogar gerne! Aber der Bedarf scheint nicht so groß zu sein, deshalb haben wir momentan nur eine fertig im Laden.
Spezielle Bestellungen nach Kundenwunsch sind aber immer willkommen! Kontaktiere uns einfach!

Appletree or Frische Landluft - Nauli´s Monday Mood Board

Autumn means harvest and long walks to the villages around here.

1.House by the Appletree Cushion by NickyBee 2. Healthy by Zenzphotography
3. Winding Apple Tree Hat by P8Accessories 4. Apple Tree by Intres

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appletree on etsy


The Nauli's are aunt! // Die Nauli Schwestern sind Tante!

No wonder, that we have to present some new baby related things in our shops!
The little girl needs warm hats, as we are in the middle of autumn already and it's getting really cold. So we made her some cute handcrochet hats from cashmere ... and some super soft baby blankets from ecofriendly and organic cotton. Both are available in our shops now.

Kein wunder also, dass wir heute einige neuen Babysachen in unseren Laden präsentieren können!
Die kleine Maus braucht warme Mützen - schließlich sind wir schon mitten im Herbst- , da sind unsere Babymützen aus Kaschmir genau das richtige... und super weiche decken aus ökologischen Stoffen und bio Baumwoll Fleece.


Italian Paper from Venice // Italienisches Papier aus Venedig

Most of our cd folios, folders, accordion books, books and photo albums are made with colorful patterned Italian paper. Need to go to Italy from time to time to stock up, so we did end of September. (We 've told you a bit about our latest trip to this beautiful country already here.)

Die meisten unserer CD Hüllen, Mappen, Leporellos, Bücher und Fotoalben sind aus bunt gemustertem Italienischen Papier gemacht. Deshalb fahren wir von Zeit zu Zeit nach Italien zum Einkauf. So auch Ende September. (Hier haben wir Euch schon ein bisschen über unsere letzte Reise berichtet.)

This time, we managed to buy some of our most classic patterns:
Dieses mal, haben wir einige unserer klassischen Muster bekommen:

Italian patterned paper | Nauli's classic patterns 

and also got some new patterns as well:
und auch ein paar neue:

Italienisches Buntpapier | Nauli's neue Muster

But then it happens, that we became witness of a move in Venice ...
Aber dann wurden wir Zeuge eines Umzugs in Venedig ...

And what did we see, when we took a closer look?
Und was sahen wir bei näherem Hinsehen?

This cupboard is lined with Italian patterned Paper, called Carta Varese!
Dieser Schrank ist mit Italienischem Buntpapier (Carta Varese) ausgeschlagen!

Some of you might already know: The Italian paper, we use, was designed and made for lining furniture since long time ago. That's why it's so durable and light resistant.
Since we blog, we have have always been dreaming of showing you a photo of this with Florentine paper lined furniture. What a coincidence, that we could make one by our own!

Einige von Euch mögen es schon wissen: Das italienische Buntpapier, dass wir verwenden wurde ursprünglich für das Auskleiden von Möbeln entworfen und hergestellt. Das ist der Grund, warum es so haltbar und Licht resistent ist.
Seit dem wir bloggen, haben wir immer davon geträumt, einmal ein Foto von einem alten Möbelstück zu zeigen, dass mit Florentiner Papier ausgekleidet ist.
Was für ein Zufall, dass wir sogar eines selber schießen konnten!

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