Porcelain Blues by Hayon - Nauli's Friday Favorite

Once again, we have chosen porcelain as our Friday Favorite. Did we ever tell you, that this deep love for pottery might come from our grand-grandparents? They were porcelain maker and decorator by profession. Actually we have been dreaming of making our own ceramic design since ages. Nowadays it is not impossible anymore. But as long as we don't do it, we just collect inspirations... 
Hayon for Kutani Choemon is one of them...

The collection by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón is such a playful one. It was designed for KUTANI CHOEMON, manufacturer of Kutani pottery, which is one of the representative traditional crafts in Ishikawa, Japan.  They use a lot of classic blue glaze for their paintings on porcelain. Hayón has used this color but gives it a more modern outlook and shape. Love it!


Nauli's CD folio in Candy Colors - On our working space

We are having a busy week, making custom made cd folios for a dear wedding photographer in England.
We've been so happy to see her logo and how great it matchs to our collection of the season with luxurious Japanese paper with a touchable structured surface.

Wir haben eine sehr beschäftigte Woche und machen unsere Nauli CD Hüllen als Sonderanfertigung für eine tolle Hochzeitsfotografin in England. 
Wie haben wir uns gefreut, als wir ihr Logo gesehen haben. Es passt einfach perfekt zu unserer Kollektion der Saison mit luxuriösem Japanischem Papier mit fühlbarer Oberflächenstruktur. 

For the inside lining we're using beautiful Italian paper with traditional patterns. Isn't this the perfect packaging for a dvd with wedding memory photos?

Für das Futter verwenden wir unsere schönen Italienischen Papiere mit traditionellen Mustern. Ist das nicht die Perfekte Verpackung für eine DVD mit Hochzeitsfotos?

It makes us happy to see this design.
Wir freuen uns wirklich an dem Design.

Packaging is a fun part, too... Are you interested in custom made cd/dvd covers, too? Just contact us!
Und auch es zu verpacken macht Spaß... Hast Du auch Interesse an Sonderanfertigungen von cd/dvd Hüllen? Dann kontaktiere uns!

Wanna know what other creatives in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are working on? Come to the Blog of the Germany Streetteam of Etsy and find out more.
Möchtest Du wissen woran andere Kreative aus Deutschland, der Schweiz und Österreich momentan arbeiten? Dann stöbere doch mal im Blog des Germany Streetteams von Etsy!


Circus in my town... - Nauli's Monday Moodboard

Every spring, colorful posters are telling us, Circus is in town! It means, colors, the sound of a marching band, strong man, tightrope acrobats, a director with a mustache - not just on his T-shirt and a clown making jokes on him and even an elephant! Popcorn, candy sticks and excitited kids souls...

1. Clown T-Shirt by pinipiru
2. T-shirt by Deestraperlo
3. Strong Man Illustration by baboucherouge
4. Elephant Earrings by lacravatteduchien

Isn't this an awsome collection of handmade art? All made by members of the Europeanstreetteam of Etsy! 

To find more circus related things visit our treasury:

And head over to StaroftheEast's Blog for more Monday Moodboards!


Lovely Moth - Nauli's Friday Favourite

We love animals, but have to admit, we hate mosquitos and moths. Later ones because they love to eat wool, and we love to craft with wool... So, while mosquitos are our enemies because they don't only drink our blood, but leave the skin ichy, moths are because they endanger our work!

But we make one exception: The moths of MisterFinch on Etsy are not only awesome and delicate craftet, they are wonderful beautiful!

 This amazing British artist has a bigger showcase on his website and sometimes he also makes bigger animals:


Spring suprise for Nauli - Frühlingsüberraschung für Nauli

Working in a team is what most of our colleagues with small handmade businesses miss the most. At least that's our impression when we read interviews.  We are lucky, Nauli is a team. But we also find fruitful exchange of thoughts and smiles in our friends. The Europeanstreetteam of Etsy is such a wonderful place to make more friends. The Spring Swap this year brought us a surprise from Italy...

Amazing beautiful belts for everyone of us, handmade and send by MonicaMBoutique !
It looks good with blue jeans, it makes a simple white tunic into something fashionable....
Thank you Monica!


Schulanfang... - Back to school...

Mit den großen Sommerferien ist auch das neue Schuljahr nicht mehr weit. Nauli hat sich von ein paar ausdrucksvollen Fotos auf Flickr inspirieren lassen...

1. Off to School, 2. Armer Ritter, 3. Back to school, 4. Back to school

With the long summer break, the new school year is not far anymore. Nauli has been inspired by some great photos on Flickr...

This cute blackboards will be part of our doll schools set.
Diese süßen Tafeln werden Teil unseres Puppen- Schul-Sets.

Find more Flickr Favourites at Artmind's Blog!


Photography, Dandelions and speed - Fotografie, Löwenzahn und Geschwindigkeitsrausch

Last Easter the big family of Nauli had the opportunity to go deeper into photography. Our brother in law was holding the course and brought a huge camera for everyone of the clan. As we all had a different knowledge at the beginning we needed a basic introduction into lens, focal length, exposure time and more. And afterwords everyone got a sheet with several challenges and we spread out to a sunny blue skied day to jump into practice.
When we came together at night to have a look at the best results, we could assume:
1. Dandelions are not only trendy, they make a wonderful object, too.
2. The large family of Naulis loves to stuck together.
3. A man or woman can never be as fast as a car and therefore is not a good object for a "speed photo" which is difficult enough, if you photograph a car.

Letztes Ostern hatte die große Familie von Nauli die Gelegenheit sich tiefer mit Fotografie zu befassen. Unser  Schwager hielt den Kurs ab und brachte für jedes Clan-Mitglied eine riesige Kamera mit. Nachdem wir alle auf unterschiedlichem Stand waren, brauchten wir zu Beginn eine Einführung ins grundlegende Wissen über Linse, Brennweite, Belichtungszeit und mehr.  Danach bekam jeder ein Arbeitsblatt um sich in den verschiedensten Aufgaben zu versuchen und wir schwärmten aus in einen sonnigen Tag mit blauem Himmel um in die Praxis zu gehen.
Als wir am Abend zusammen kamen um die besten Ergebnisse zu besprechen, konnten wir feststellen:
1. Löwenzahn ist nicht nur trendy, sondern in der Tat ein großartiges Objekt.
2. Die große Familie der Naulis bleibt gerne zusammen.
3. Ein Mann oder eine Frau können nie so schnell sein wie ein Auto und sind daher keine guten Objekte für Geschwindigkeitsfotos, die ohnehin schwer genug sind, auch wenn man ein Auto fotografieren möchte.

How about more Dandelions? Wie wäre es mit mehr Löwenzahn?

1. Les Fleurs Fossiles Dandelion ring by fleurfatale 2. Dandelions clocks clutch purse by BagNoir
3. Tiny Dandelion Silver Earrings by AliBaliJewellery 4. Make a wish - Original Oil Painting by MGMartPaintings 
All items are made by members of the Etsy Europeanstreetteam.


Ein Flügel, ein Künstler, Metallteile und Klebeband...

Unglaublich, was der Pianist Volker Bertelmann, genannt Hauschka, daraus macht.


A grand piano, an artist, metal parts and masking tape ...  Unbelievable, what pianist Volker Bertrand, called Hauschka, makes out of it.


Postcard for Nauli - Postkarte für Nauli

Wir haben Post bekommen. Und wie sehr freuen wir uns, doch über dieses Foto! Die Eltern im Marienkrankenhaus in Trier können nun mit einer handgemachten Puppe von Nauli üben. Die lebensgroße Puppe wurde von den dortigen Kinderkrankenschwestern und Stillberaterinnen gekauft. Ihr passt Erstlingskleidung. Sie hat tatsächlich einen handelsüblichen Strampler an, dazu eine Nauli Jacke aus blauer Baumwolle von Westfalenstoffe.
Unser kleines Model war mit ihrer Kuschelpuppe übrigens im Krankenhaus Schau-Laufen... Danke schön!

We got mail. And how happy we are about this picture! The parents of  Marien- Hospital in Trier are exercising with a  doll from Nauli now. The life-size  doll was bought by the obstetrics ward there. She can wear new born cloths and indeed she's wearing a new born onesie, combined with a Nauli Jacket from blue ecofriendly cotton by Westfalenstoffe.
Our little model was promoting us showcasing her own plush doll there... Thank you!

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