Realism or what is art? - Naulis Flickr Favourites

Yesterday we went to an exhibition in Hypo Kunsthalle, Munich. Theme is "Realismus - Das Abenteuer der Wirklichkeit" - "Realism - the Adventure of Reality". 

What's art? Is it our eye which turns something into art? Does art have to be manmade? Is it our hands work? Can it be the copy of nature? 
What do you think?

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A Day at the Zoo or the last sunny summerday? - Nauli´s Monday Mood Board

We wanted to visit the zoo of Munich.. we have not been there since ages.
We decided to go last thursday, because the weather forecast said it was the last sunny day befor it will start to rain again. 
We were not the only ones who wanted to enjoy the last sunny summerday in the zoo, there were a long long queue when we arrived, but we were lucky, they opend two other ticket offices when so we did not have to wait tooooo long to get in. 
We had blue sky.

Well we did not see striped pigs but deers, tigers, zebras and many other exotic animals...

Some of them tried to hide ... succsessfull
But the pinguines could not.. and we guess they enjoyed the coldness in their cage on this hot late summerday. 

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Driving the yarn bomb - Friday Favourite

Unbelievable, but it's Friday again! Time to look for our weekly favourite. Look what we choose!

Kate Corbin - Summer Show, University of Portsmouth

Because it made us smile and smile and smile...


Postcard from Rome - Bartolucci Pinocchio

A lovely friend of Nauli is in Rome and sent us a sweet digital postcard. He has great weather, blue sky, round about 30°C, and he found this:

Pinocchio greets you! 
Wooden dolls by Bartolucci.

If we go to Rome, we will look for it!

Treasures made in Italy we found on etsy


Fleamarkets or our Trip to Netherlands - Flickr Favourites

Last week we have been in the Netherlands for a weekend. It was a quiet short trip for 2 days. But we were lucky, it was a sunny weekend and it was the weekend of Fleamarkets in Delft and Den Haag, the cities we visited. We love fleamarkets since we are little girls. Compained our parents selling at fleamarkets and started to open a booth in front of the house when we were little kids. We loved selling and buying and started to collect unique and vintage stuff. 
We collected old tins, old leather suitcases, ceramic and so on. May be the colorful patterns of the Inselbüchlein covers made us loving this kind of classic pattern we are using for our nauli-paper products now. 

 1. Fleamarket at Arkonaplatz, 2. Fleamarket at Heden, 3. Fleamarket Date, 4. Book Market Humboldt University

Even on the way to the Escher Museum in Den Haag, we jumped out of the Tram to walk around a small Fleamarket. But this time we did not shop at all, even there were many beautiful things wanted to be bought. But we feel like we have to sell some of our collections first to make space for new old things.

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Netfind - LuckyBoySunday

I just found a link, I clicked and wanted to know more... and look, what I found!

I mean, beside that this is a gorgeous photo.... it really is the most adorable plush I've ever seen! Would do you think? It's Balthazar by LuckyBoySunday from Denmark and becouse it's still Sunday, I thought this has to be blogged now!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday little sister! Wie gerne würde ich heute eine Party für Dich schmeissen!
Happy Birthday kleine Schwester! I would love to make a big party for you, today!

Locomotive Birthday Party Pack by cakeink

Auf eine baldige hausgebackene Schwarzwälderkirschtorte!
Let's have homemade blackforest cake, soon!


Friday Favourites - Pieni, vintage cloth for kids

It's Friday again. Time to blog our weekly favourite. We came accross with this, when we where looking around in BigCartels database. And were so surprised! pieni is a little vintage shop for kids cloth. Located in France they ship worldwide.
They have an outstanding collection of vintage cloth for young children. No wonder some of them you'll find at littlenauli.tumblr.com now... we love the light look and the collection of fine designs.

They also sell some very special handmade toys.

So, if you've a little boy or girl who likes cool cloths, have a look at pieni !

Nauli Accordion Photo Book on the Etsy Frontpage yeah! and other dreams coming true...

What a nice morning suprise! Featurator had sent two emails tonight. One of the new designs of Nauli Accordion Books had been featured on the Etsy frontpage. This geometric treasury was made by print artist Antoksfairytales. And honestly, when we know about it, we already had a dream... Dreams coming true are the best! Thank you Antoksfairytales!

Do you know Sumikoshop? It's jewelry shop from Italy. Designer Evelyn creates totally romantic, but affordable jewelry for every woman who wants to become a princess in her daily life. She also runs a lovely blog, which is on our daily reads for long. And what do you see on this screenshot? Yes, Nauli has a new banner and the first place you see it is at Sumiko-Shop Lovely Finds. The secret behind is, that we won the monthly Treasury Challenge, so we get a free monthly advertising as Top Sponsor!

Happy Friday!


Menmade autumn... Flickr Favourites

Since I discovered andiespecialtysweets sugar leaves last week, and only some days later Owen Gildersleeve paper cut leaves which I blogged last Friday, I'm faszinated of menmade leaves, and they're so beautiful, that I even don't mind, that summer was so short this year.

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Nauli bei Dawanda

Wir freuen uns über den neuen Dawanda Widget. Das Design ist moderner geworden und passt viel besser zu uns. Aus diesem Anlass zeigen wir Euch heute mal unser gesamtes Sortiment bei Dawanda. Bei der Gelegenheit sieht man auch gleich unsere Fortschritte in der Produktfotografie... Und wir haben noch mal ganz klar vor Augen welche Fotos dringend ausgetauscht werden müssen.
Nun aber die besten zu erst...
Mit den Fotos bei Nauli's Puppen sind wir für den Moment zufrieden... (sprecht uns doch in einem Jahr nochmal darauf an... dann sehen wir, ob das so geblieben ist.)

Und unser Sortiment an Leporellos, CD Hüllen, Fotoalben, Adressbüchern, Skizzenbüchern, Fächermappen und Knöpfen

Jetzt wäre es nur noch eine Freude, wenn die Widgets mittig blieben... tun sie aber leider nicht.

clean shapes - Nauli´s Monday Mood

Must have to do something with rain for weeks, all the nature around growing like crazy, which is surely one of the good parts of the rain. But this morning I felt a desire for clean shapes and found some items of the Europeanstreetteam on Etsy.
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Netfind - Sustainable childs cloth by oeuf nyc

Today I stumbled upon a very nice kids cloth brand. First I fell in love with this cute sweater. It's made from Alpaca, which matchs so well with our love for natural materials...

Then I found some more cute items. oeuf nyc is dedicated to sustainable fashion.

This one really reminds us on our baby jumpsuit our Mom made by herself.

After finding this cute knitted animal masks and tails, I had to search further for seeing them in action!
and I found them at simpleblueprint.


Friday Favourites - Leaves

It's Friday again. Time to post our Friday Favourite netfound.
The winner is...
Absolutely adorable Paper Art by Owen Gildersleeve
Colorful leaves look just like real ones. 

Because we can't do anything against it: Autumn is coming with it colourful leaves. This summer was a short one in Southern Germany. Short and hot, some weeks ago fall started to show its power with heavy rain falls for weeks. We took the rain and tried to work as much as possible. Everyday we feel lucky that we work with colorful materials. 
Fall is full of reds and browns... Colorful, yes, but we would love to have some turquoise and violet, too...

Some new accordion book designs, handmade by Nauli
Die neuen Leporello - Designs von Nauli


We've been busy... - Wir waren beschäftigt...

+ Leporello von Nauli, handgemacht, jetzt erhältlich in neuen Designs bei nauli.dawanda.de +
+ handbound Accordion Books by Nauli, now available in new Designs at nauli.etsy.com +
... and proudly showcase our new designs of Nauli's handmade Accordion Books!
... und zeigen stolz unsere neuen handgebundenen Leporello Designs!


No bad hair day or Curly Sue - Nauli's Flickr Favourites

Well, our hair is straight, so straight like nothing else, and just like every girl in this world we had the dream of curly hair in our life. We still remember, when we tried to help each other with paper papilottes ...  but our hair never hold the curlies for more than 3 hours...
Nun, unsere Haare sind glatt und so gerade wie ein Bleistift, aber wie alle Mädchen hatten wir Zeiten, zu denen wir von Locken träumten... Wir erinnern uns noch an den Spaß als wir mit Zeitungspapier-Papilotten unser Glück versuchten ... aber bei unseren Haare haben die Locken nie länger als 3 Stunden gehalten...

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When we shot the newest collection of Nauli's Accordion Photo Albums we're inspired by curlies...
Als wir gestern die neueste Kollection von Nauli's Leporellos fotografierten, ließen wir uns von Locken inspirieren...

To find more creative curlies have a look at Etsy here


We took the Challenge - Greetings from a Pinup Girl

Etsy Europeanstreetteam member Gia from oneperfectday is the host of the weekly team challenge. Her theme is Gil Elvgren pin-up.

What do you imagine if you think about a Pin- up girl? We felt inspired to make a new linocut. See the results here:

We love this red kissing lips... and printed them on two brand new Nauli cd cases

  The photo doesn't show the red lips on black as bright as they are... but we've no idea, what to do with our camera to make it better.
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Can you imagine that we had a summer like this? - Kannst Du Dir vorstellen, dass wir heuer so einen Sommer hatten?

Unbelievable... it's raining since three weeks now. In between exactly three sunny days... for some hours. The rivers nearby have a high tide now. Not only Pakistan, India and China are flooded, peoples here are standing ramrod-stiff...
Can you imagine, that we had a some weeks of heat like this?

Unglaublich, es regnet jetzt schon seit drei Wochen. Mit genau drei leicht sonnigen Tagen zwischen drin... für ein paar Stunden. Die Flüsse hier führen Hochwasser. Nicht nur Pakistan, Indien und China sind überflutet, auch die Menschen hier sind in Alarmbereitschaft...
Kannst Du Dir vorstellen, dass wir dieses Jahr einige Wochen Hitze, wie diese hatten?

Visit our summer treasury on Etsy here:


Happy Sunday!

Sun came out yesterday again. Time to let the kids to see the sun... We just listed two new boy dolls in our shops on Etsy and Dawanda. We still struggle with the colors of the photography. It's like the camera doesn't like the skin tone of this Waldorf inspired dolls ...

Die Sonne kam gestern wieder raus.  Zeit mit den Kindern raus zu gehen... Wir haben zwei neue Jungen- Puppen in unseren Läden bei Etsy und Dawanda. Immer noch sind wir nicht zufrieden mit der Farbe der Fotos. Es ist als möge unsere Kamera den Hautton unserer Stoffpuppen nicht....

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