Nauli's To-do list for October // Nauli's Oktober Pläne

It's almost October. Time to get ready for the Holiday Season! We have so many plans for this! And a lot of thing have to be realized to make them happen! Last spring we produced for Nauliknits like crazy. But we are not yet professional enough to make the photos of the new collection in summer... That's probably something which should change next year. 

And next year, too, we will order supply for the Winter Season earlier than this year. Making our daily planners for 2011 was the plan for September already! But our supplier seems to have a lot of work... 
Well, just to give you an imagination. Our Daily Planner will look more or less like our address book... Fitting in any handbag or purse.... Made of durable and beautiful paper in bright colors.

Es ist schon fast Oktober. Zeit sich auf Weihnachten vorzubereiten! Wir haben so viel geplant, für die kommende Saison! Und da muss noch viel passieren um diese Pläne Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen! Letztes Frühjahr haben standen die Strick und Häkelnadeln zusammen mit fleissigen Händen nicht still. Wir haben für die Winterkollektion von Nauliknits  gearbeitet. Aber irgendwie sind wir noch nicht professionell genug um die Fotos für diese Winterkollektion im Sommer zu schiessen... Das wäre wohl für nächstes Jahr zu ändern... 

Und nächstes Jahre werden wir auch unser Material für die Wintersaison früher bestellen! Wir warten immer noch darauf endlich mit der Produktion unserer Kalender für 2010 anfangen zu können! Das war eigentlich schon für Anfang September geplant, aber unser Lieferant hat ganz offensichtlich viel zu tun...

Nur um Euch eine Vorstellung zu geben... unsere Kalender werden mehr oder weniger ein ähnliches Design wie unsere Adressbücher haben.... in jede Handtasche passen und a mit sehr strapazierfähigem Papier bezogen sein, damit Ihr das ganze Jahr daran Freude habt!


More room for paper - Nauli's Flickr Favourites

You know we're currently in Italy to stock up some paper. Hoping that we come back with a lot of new patterns and a new problem. Our paper drawer might be not big enough...
Well, we looked for some inspirations on Flickr. How do others store their paper?

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Greetings from Italy - Nauli's Monday Moodboard

On Sunday the Nauli team went on our next road trip. This time we are not just on holidays! We have to stock up paper, and because we love to use Italian patterned Paper, named Carta Varese for many of our designs, it's the best way to go there and choose. Alway hoping to find some new interesting patterns...

Our Monday Moodboard shows Italy is full of inspirations for Etsy artists in Europe. We're sure, our short trip is not only supplying us with paper, but also with a lot of inspiration!

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Treasury Time on Etsy - Naulis Friday Favourite of handmade goods

Whoo, Friday again, and we have been so busy. No time to have a look around in the big big web. Half of us, was in Stockholm and family life was kind of really challenging. But we never stopped curating treasury on Ety and our item was featured in some very beautiful collections, too.
Here is one, which is our favourite, actually one of our favourites of the week.
Color me Grey, a fine selection of handmade goods curated by our dear colleague DvoraSchleffer
showcases our Charlys Hat in the other cloudy blue in between so outstanding work. We say thank you to Dvora! and share with you :)


The Flair of Prague or Between Art deco and Contemporary Art - Prague Part 2

If you ever plan to visit Prague and travel by train, you could start your journey with a coffeebreak or a drink in the Bistro of the hall of the train station of Praha.
It´s a kind of representing the charm of the city. Beautiful art deco ornaments but not of all of them is taken care. But you still can feel the glamour of former times, wich already came back in some part of cities.

If you bring some time, beside visiting all this places of intrest you should just walk around the city to find many beautiful intresting and curious places there. 
Keep your eyes wide open and you will find interesting artworks everywhere in the Prague. 

Keep your eyes up and you will find beautiful art decor ornaments everywhere in the city.

And keep them down for this the patterned pavings. 

The colours of Prague on etsy


The smell of Cotton Candy and the sound of Carousels Nauli´s Flicker Favourites

The world largest fair for two weeks in munich, 
means the smell of cotton candy, of sugared roasted almonds, and the smell of gingerbread over the Theresienwiese..
but it also means the smell of beer and *mhm* all over the city. 

but it also means colourful balloons, the music of carousels and colorful lights by night.

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Come to the fair on Etsy:


Oktoberfest or Get Dressed - Naulis Monday Mood Board

Last weekend the Oktoberfest started. 
Oktoberfest in munich usually means blue sky.
many, many people from all over the world,
much beer, 
traditional music,
and hats.
but don´t worry, you don´t have to wear Dirndl or Lederhosen if you want to visit the Oktoberfest.

Get dressed:

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How to get dressed on etsy


Back from Prague - Naulis Friday Favourite, the Zoo

A part of the nauli team has been in Prague - Czech Rebpublic -  for a couple of days... and just is back in the nauli - studio. 
We were lucky we choosed the last week to visit Prague. In the beginning of the autumn, so that we still had some sunny blueskied days.
It was a sunny sunday, the warmest day during our trip we choosed to visit the zoo in Prague. After a bad flood in 2002 the zoo was rebuild with a new concept. 
Starting from the coperate design wich is made from linocut by the artist Michal Cihlar. 

Beside this linocut design - we are fans of lino- and woodcut you might know - they have an Indonesian Pavillion in there... The Indonéská Dzungle. 

It´s almost like walking through the Indonesian nature, Komodos, Orang Utans and many other animals from South-East-Asia are living there. 

Sometimes you might have no luck and don´t find the animals because they are hiding in their huge cages... 
Or you don´t see them by the first sight, like the mountain goats. 
Do you find them?

Come to the zoo on etsy:


Happy Eid and Post from Indonesia - The secret paper project is going on!

We got mail from Indonesia, exactly from Djakarta. Ika Vantiani, our secret paper project partner sent us this lovely postcard of her own design. We love love love it! It seems to be a cut photo of an old letter. The writing reminds us on the letters we got from our Indonesian grandparents, when they were still alive. Maybe all Indonesians of this generation had this beautiful handwriting?
Ika, we're looking forward to see what you do with our paper!

To find more of Ikas work visit Vantiani on Etsy.

and beside that... Happy Eid, Happy Bayram, Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri for all of our Muslime friends! Mohon maaf lahir bathin- minal aidin wal faizin.

Wir haben Post aus Indonesien bekommen. Genauer gesagt aus Djakarta. Ika Vantiani, unsere secret paper project Partnerin hat uns diese tolle selbst designte Postkarte geschickt. Wir lieben sie total! Sie sieht aus wie ein Foto von einem Teil eines alten Briefes. Die Schrift erinnert uns an die Briefe unserer indonesischen Großeltern. Ob wohl alle Indonesier dieser Generation so eine schöne Handschrift hatten?
Ika, wir sind gespannt was Du aus unserem Papier machst!

Besuche mehr von Ikas Arbeiten bei Vantiani auf Etsy.


For my kitchen - Nauli's Friday Favourite

Gosh, it's Friday again. Actually two or three weeks ago, we came across with Orla Kiely's new kitchenware line (via Nadinoo) and fell in love with it. No wonder, pottery is one of our passions and patterns another one...  Because we can't get it out of the head again, it's our Friday Favourite... hopefully this helps.

Especially the tall container is on our wishlist...
The collection shall be available at BlissHome and John Lewis mid of the month.


Tropical Fruits - Nauli's Flickr Favourites

As you can see from our blogpost yesterday night, we had the second visit from Thailand in one week. And the whole family is happy eating Rambutan and Dukuh for breakfast, lunch and dinner...
Many tropical fruits look so beautiful! We don't know, if this feeling comes, because we're in Germany, but only tropical fruits can taste so sexy... (Maybe except cherries, but I'm allergic to them.) We collect some for our Flickr Favourites.

To find more flickr favourites have a look at artminds blog.

Come to the rain forest on Etsy:



Beautiful reds or wish it were spring - Naulis Monday Mood Board

It seems the summer is over now. Even it is sunny it is not hot at all.

On our short steamship ride on the Starnberger See, next to our home last weekend we recognized it is already real autumn. 
Actually fall is a beautiful season with the colorful leaves everywhere and may be we could enjoy it already if we would have had a real long and hot summer this year... 
So all we can do is catch the rays of sunshine and keep them until it´s spring again. 

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Treasures on etsy - to warm your heart in cold autumn days

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