Etsy favourites...

We had great days... since Thursday two of my treasuries made it to the frontpage on Etsy and our nauliknits Charly's hat in the other cloudy blue as well! Some of my favourites you can see here. Not all are still available, but it's worth to have a look in this awsome shops! I made this showcase to keep the inspiration....
The etsy shops in order from left to right:
1. Winter Tale Deer - Print by naokosstoop
2. Forest French Chic Market Tote by ikabags
3. Father and Son - Linocut - small art on postcard by Antoksfairytales
4. Yoyo Brooch by missusD - it's a truly awsome item to make your t-shirts something special. (Experience speaking. Thank you Kathleen!)
5. Once upon a time - Nauli CD- Case by us
6. Organic T-Shirt by maryink 
7. Glassbead necklace by LeahSawyer
8. Calm spring - long necklace by Glasfaden



Yesterday I found this wallpaper. I loved the pattern on the first sight, although I still prefer white walls. I would love to create folders and books from this pattern. But it's made for a wall, so a bit to big...
It reminds me on a traditional Batik Tulis* pattern from Cirebon, Indonesia. A pattern which seems to be shown very often in Indonesia at the moment. At least last summer every Batik researcher, I met in Jakarta was talking about it :)

* Batik Tulis is the most expensive Batik, as it's totally handwritten. No prints are used to guide the hands. The patterns are free handed drawings.




Flickr Favourites - Paper Art!

We were passionate Origami fans in our childhood. We started at a very young age and it's like playing roller skates, we just stopped one day, although we keep our big passion for paper. But look at this great artworks! Guess we should start again!

The fabulous pear is made by our friend Devi from Glasfaden at etsy, who is selling adorable flower necklaces there. As you can see, she is a real multigifted artist!

Find more Flickr Favourites our join with your own at Mitsy's Blog from Artmind.


We took the challenge!

The weekly challenge of the Europeanstreetteam is hostet by Sabahnur. She choose the theme "petitandcute".
We didn't think long, just did... and this is our entry. No, they are not our first miniature books, but our first miniature zigzag photo books. Some of this miniature photo albums will accompany our Waldorf inspired dolls to their new life with their new parents.

The small ones are 2x2cm, the big ones 4x4cm.


What a surprise! - Was für eine Überraschung!

Browsing our blogroll tonight, relaxing a bit, I opened Design for Mankind. An inspiring Designblog and one of our regulary readings or better seeings. And what did I see at the first photo? What a surprise! Our Nauli CD-Case in red!!!
Ein bisschen unseren Blogroll rauf und runter browsend, den Abend genießend, öffnete ich gerade Design for Mankind. Ein inspirierender Designblog und eine unserer üblichen Web- Lektüren. Und was sah ich auf dem ersten Foto? Was für eine Überraschung! Unsere Nauli CD-Hülle in rot!!!
Sarah Bernhard, a fabulous Photographer, made a great composition, a modern still life and this photo got blogged at Design for Mankind. This photo have had a great response on flickr before, and made it to the Flickr Frontpage as well!
Sarah Bernhard, eine außergewöhnliche Photographin hatte eine großartige Komposition, ein modernes Stillleben photographiert und dieses Foto wurde erschien im Blog Design for Mankind. Das Foto war vorher schon sehr erfolgreich auf Flickr und war sogar auf der Flickr Frontpage!
We are happy and congratulate Sarah Bernhard for this great success! We would love to meet you as a customer again and are so happy, that you like our products! Our Nauli CD-Cases are still available... at Dawanda and Etsy... We promise, we'll improve the item pictures...
Wir freuen und und gratulieren Sarah Bernhard für diesen Erfolg! Wir wären glücklich Dich noch öfter als Kundin begrüßen zu dürfen und sind so froh, dass Dir unsere Produkte gefallen! Unsere Nauli CD-Hüllen sind immer noch erhältlich... bei Dawanda und Etsy... Wir versprechen an den Produktphotos zu arbeiten...

, originally uploaded by .ultraviolett.


We took the challenge!

Some weeks we are member of the Etsy European Street Team now. Discovering a quite new world, and a lot of work before Christmas, we didn't have time to take part of the activities. But this week we did! We took the weekly challenge! This week hosted by Renate from kreativlink. Her challenge is "Doing something you never did before".
We made some brainstorming and at the end, we decided to make something totally new to us "Handstiching". We did some handstiching at primary school, but that wasn't crosstich and used this special stiching fabric, so it doesn't count here!

Hmm, think the frontside looks better...

The ready stiched picture was "glueed" on cardboard.

We use vintage handwoven linen.
Also, for the backside, although that one is red checked.
And we gave it a zigzag to make it an extraordinary Nauli ZigZag Photo Book!
Whoo! Ready on time!
Thank you Renate for this inspiring Challenge!
BTW... This real one of a kind item is available here.


Huray! My prize arrived!

One day in between the crafting like crazy before Christmas, I joined a giveaway of an Etsy seller. Michele of pixestreasurechest organized a giveaway for her Facebook-Fans. And hey! I was the winner!
This tiny little package arrived.

The prize are these adorable earrings. Simple, but elegant.

Thank you Michele!


Flickr Favourites - Quilts

Maybe it's because we work so much on our shops, that we don't have time and energy to craft on something else, maybe it's our desire of colours in this white and dark winter or it's the European Street Team Challenge of Renate from Kreativlink which made us think about what we really would love to do...
We found out, that we add a lot of colourful quilts to our favourites on flickr lately...

Flickr Favourites is a game. If you want to play as well, please read:
and join!

Under the snow... Unter dem Schnee...

One of our most favourite features on Etsy is the treasury. There you can find favourites of others and mostly it's a collection of extraordinary things. Think, most of my favourites I found here.
I just made a new one. As you can see, I'm waiting for spring already...

+click on picture to find this treasury for the next 3 days+
Eins unserer Lieblingsfeatures auf Etsy ist das Treasury. Hier kann man eine kleine Auswahl der Favouriten zusammenstellen und veröffentlichen. Ich habe gerade ein neues gemacht. Wie zu sehen ist. Ich warte schon auf den Frühling!


Label selbstgemacht! - Selfmade Label

Eigentlich hatten wir ja Label bestellt. Im August. Aber die Probestücke waren nicht schön. Und irgendwie hat sich das dann verlaufen... Wir waren beschäftigt mit anderen Dingen und die Notwendigkeit unserer Label schien plötzlich relativ.
Doch seitdem Nauli nun auch strickt und häkelt hat drückten die fehlenden Label spätestens seit der Eröffnung von Nauliknits auf Etsy auf unsere Freude über unsere schönen neuen Mützen.
Tada..! Selbst ist die Frau! Wir haben uns ein Label aus einer Linolplatte geschnitzt...   
Actually we ordered our new Nauli Labels in August, but the sample looks bad and there were are lot of things to do, so we didn't continue our order. But lately, when we Nauli started to knit and crochet the label became important again. Especially when we opened our new Etsy shop http://Nauliknits.etsy.com some days ago, the missing label could mar our happiness about our new fabulous hats. But then we didn't want to wait longer and just made them by ourself. We simply made a tiny linocut and print it on white cotton...
And ... we think this fits much better for our hats than any polyster stitched label!
Und ... jetzt finden wir, dass diese hier viel besser zu unseren Mützen passen als alle Polyester Stick-Label!


Toys... Spielzeug...

When we visited the Toy Museum of Trier we became a bit silent in our heart, seeing all those well made beautiful toys! But after a day or two, when we came home, seeing our Waldorf inspired dolls, we become selfconfident again. Our dolls are made to be hugged and kissed. They are not cold robots from tin! And this is why they become beloved by the children who get them. 
Als wir im Spielzeugmuseum von Trier waren, wurde es uns ein bisschen still um's Herz -  all die wunderbaren einzigartigen Spielzeuge, die uns da entgegenstrahlten! Aber nach ein, zwei Tagen, als wir nach Hause kamen und unsere Puppen im Sinne der Waldorf- Pädagogik sahen war uns klar: Unsere Stoffpuppen sind gemacht um geknuddelt zu werden. Sie sind keine Roboter aus Metall! Und darum werden sie heiß und innig von ihren Puppeneltern geliebt.
But... do you know? A robot has not to be from cold tin! Our friend MissusD is crocheting great robots like this! As cozy as our dolls.
Aber... wußtest Du schon? Roboter müssen nicht aus kaltem Metall sein! Unsere Freundin MissusD häkelt wunderbare Roboter wie diesen hier! Genauso kuschelig wie unsere Puppen.


So difficult to compete with these antique toys... Mit diesem Spielzeug läßt's sich nur schwer konkurrieren...

We've been at the Toy Museum in Trier today. If you ever come here, you should have a look!
Wir waren heute im Spielzeugmuseum in Trier. Wenn Du mal nach Trier kommst - neben all den anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten ist dieses kleine Museum einen Besuch wert!


We were on the Etsy Frontpage again! Thank you Etsy, thank you thevintagecloset for including our item into your stunning treasury!


Valentine is coming... Valentin kommt schon bald...

 and Nauli was busy today to make a new series of zig-zag photo books for this occasion. We did a simple linocut to make our accordion books in Italian Paper even more special. Stunning red for remembering happy days!

Available at our Nauli Etsy- Shop from today! And sure, these are not only good for Valentine, but for any anniversary or good memories!
Valentinstag kommt schon bald und wir haben uns ein paar schöne Geschenkideen für diese Gelegenheit ausgedacht. Ab heute kann man unsere mit Linoldruck verzierten Leporellos bei Etsy kaufen und in den nächsten Tagen dann auch in unserem Dawanda-Laden.  Und nicht zu vergessen: Sie eignen sich nicht nur für den Valentinstag, sondern für alle Jahrestage und Erinnerungen an gute Tage!


Nauli knits!

Today was a bright sunny day in South Bavaria. Best weather to take some new photos for our new shop on etsy www.nauliknits.etsy.com !

Nauli hat vor ein paar Tagen einen neuen Etsy-Laden eröffnet. Neben Waldorf inspirierten Stoffpuppen aus Naturmaterialien unter www.littlenauli.etsy.com, und unseren farbenfrohen Papiersachen unter www.nauli.etsy.com, bieten wir jetzt auch noch Strick- und Häkelmützen und Schals auf www.nauliknits.etsy.com an. Etsy ist ein Internetportal mit tausenden und abertausenden Shops - fast alle verkaufen wunderschöne handgemachte Kunstwerke. Etsy sitzt in den USA, aber die Käufer und Verkäufer kommen aus der ganzen Welt.
Natürlich kannst Du unsere Produkte auch in unserem Nauli Dawanda-Laden kaufen. Die Mützen werden dort bald auch erhältlich sein.

Etsy Frontpage!

When we had a look at our hearts-statistic today we knew something must go on. One of our scetchbooks was hearted up to 8 times in one hour and we got even more shophearts for our Nauli Papershop. But we just discovered now what's going on - with the help of www.craftcult.com.
We found out, that we made it to the frontpage! Wow, that's what we're dreaming about since we start making treasuries!
Evihan from www.colouryourhome.etsy.com had curated this great treasury, who was picked by Etsy.
Thank you Evihan and thank you etsy!


Happy New Year to all of you!
2009 was a good year for us. 
Nauli went internet and we made a lot of new experiences.
Very positive ones...
...it turns out that German Post is fast.
It feels great getting a lovely email from Australia to hear
that Thor, the little shepherd boy,
arrived safely at his new home,
or the 
2nd purchase
of the same customer in between two weeks... from Kazachstan!
Nauli just started a new shop today.
We used the days between Christmas and New Year for crafting some new products.
How do you like it?

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